Scholarships & Awards

Each year, the Faculty of Law awards more than $1.3 million to incoming and upper-year Juris Doctor students in the form of scholarships, bursaries and prizes, thanks to the generous contributions of our donors. Awards are made on a variety of criteria, including academic excellence, financial need, course performance, leadership, and community service, to name a few.

This is the list of Faculty of Law scholarships and bursaries available to JD students.

Incoming Students

All incoming first-year students are automatically considered for merit scholarships, based on their academic record prior to law school. No application is needed.

Additionally, all students who receive an offer of admittance and accept their offer will be emailed a link to the Faculty of Law Entrance Scholarship and Bursary Application, in late June. Applications are due in early August.

NOTE: For all awards which have a financial-need component, it is expected that students have also applied for a Government Student Loan. Payments are not required and interest does not accrue until you graduate. Non-Alberta residents can research government student loans from their home province. A video to assist in completing an Alberta loan application is available here.

Upper-year Students

Upper-year students are automatically considered for merit scholarships, based on their academic record in first or second year of law school.

Upper-year students are also encouraged to apply for Faculty of Law scholarships, bursaries and awards. Students will receive an email link to the Faculty of Law Upper Year Scholarship and Bursary Application in July. Applications are due in early September.

All Students

Spring Awards

The Faculty of Law hosts a spring round of awards consisting of graduating awards, course prizes and academic excellence awards. Applications will be emailed to all JD students in April.

Faculty of Law Bursaries

The Faculty of Law awards back to students 20 per cent of the differential fees it collects, in the form of funding for financial assistance. These bursaries are included in the fall awards applications.

Emergency Bursary

Students who are in severe financial need and who have exhausted all other sources of funding can apply to be considered for a Faculty of Law Emergency Bursary. Consideration will be based on receipt of a personal statement describing financial circumstances and attaching a detailed budget. The Faculty of Law has limited emergency funding. Submit requests to Student Services, Room 128 Law Centre, Gloria Strathern (

Holocaust Remembrance Essay

The Faculty of Law supports an annual international award for the best essay written by a law student on a topic relating to law and the Holocaust. Award: Certificate and CDN$2,000.honorarium

  • Requirements

    Essays can be on any topic and concern any matter, provided that they somehow address the relationship between law and the Holocaust. Particularly welcome are essays which pursue the continuing significance of the Holocaust and human rights generally, and to the legal community and legal education.

    Be original student work

    Have been composed in partial satisfaction of the requirements for an undergraduate or graduate degree in law at any law school in North American or overseas

    Be between 7,500 and 10,000 words in length, inclusive of references

    Be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from the professor for whose course, or under whose direction, the essay was written

    Be submitted in hard copy or electronic format no later than July 1, to: Prizes & Awards Coordinator Gloria Strathern,, 780-492-2513.

    Essays may be submitted in English or French

The results of the annual competition will be announced no later than the end of September. The Holocaust Remembrance Essay Award Committee reserves the right to set over the award at its discretion.

The award was initially funded from the proceeds of the 1997 The Holocaust: Art/Politics/Law Conference is currently funded through the generosity of law alumnus Henry Wolfond of Toronto.

Graduate Students

Apply for awards through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.