Michael O'Boyle Mental Health & Wellness Fund

Your generous financial support helps students build resilience, respond to mental health challenges and overcome the stigma associated with mental health issues.

We recently ran a Giving Day campaign in support of this fund and raised nearly $15,000 from 77 donors. We can’t thank you enough! Stay tuned for more updates on the impact of this important fund.

Fundraising Target: $100,000

The Michael O'Boyle Mental Health & Wellness Fund will support student-led mental health initiatives at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law. It will help make students aware of the challenges associated with mental illness, including depression, anxiety and stress in the profession, as well as help students develop strategies to reduce both their impact and their associated stigmas.

Specifically, the fund will enhance student mental health resources that:

  • Raise awareness of mental health and wellness as an important and ongoing concern

  • Provide support to cope with the stresses of law school

  • Help students develop skills that will equip them to cope with the demands of the profession

Michael O'Boyle was a beloved member of the Class of 2004 who struggled with depression. To honour his memory, family and friends have come together to create a fund that provides students with a tool kit to prevent, reduce and cope with the stresses and demands of life in law school and beyond.