Student Groups

The Faculty of Law is known for its collegial atmosphere and immersive student experience. We offer close to 30 clubs and associations to join and encourage students to get involved in order to make the most of their time at law school. Our plethora of opportunities for active participation is part of what makes the experience at this Faculty of Law among the best in the country.

Registered Student Groups

Student groups that are registered within the Students' Union are classified as official student groups within the University of Alberta.

Alberta Law Review

The Alberta Law Review is a student-run academic journal founded in 1955 and published by the Alberta Law Review Society. The organization consists of second and third-year law students at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. Published quarterly, the journal has approximately 1,000 pages per volume.


Animal Justice

Animal Justice aims to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. The group provides a forum for fundraising for local animal rights advocacy organizations, facilitates networking within the animal rights community and students, and raises awareness on campus about animal rights issues.


Articling Committee

The Student Articling Committee is comprised of 12 elected students (four from each year of study). The committee works closely with Career Services to offer students several events that provide networking opportunities. Some events are also intended to help students refine the skills necessary to find a summer placement and/or article.

Contacts: Mariah Walsh

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

Email contact:

Law Students for Human Rights (LawSHR)

Law Students for Human Rights (LawSHR) aims to raise awareness about various current human rights issues and topics. The group will engage with students and the community in general and explore ways in which individuals can become involved in addressing these human rights issues. LawSHR primarily seeks to inform the campus community about human rights issues, with a focus on the legal implications of them, and what can be done to further the global response to them.

Canons of Construction

Canons of Construction is a monthly newspaper produced by UAlberta Law students.

Contact: Austin Leask

Christian Legal Fellowship

Christian Legal Fellowship U of A Student Chapter is a group that aims to foster Christian community and engage with questions about justice by listening well. The U of A Student Chapter aims to further the objectives of its larger national organization by contributing to scholarly discussions on issues relating to law and religion, building community in law, and asking difficult questions about faith and the world around us.


Digital Law and Innovation Society

Digital Law and Innovation Society is a student group at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law that promotes familiarity with digital law topics and the responsible and effective use of technology in the law.

Environmental Law Students Association (ELSA)

ELSA has three main goals: 1) to promote sustainability within the Faculty of Law; 2) to introduce students to the possibility of pursuing a career in environmental law and/or provide resources for students already considering a career in environmental law; and 3) to raise student awareness of contemporary environmental causes and issues.

Contact: Olivia Brosch

Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL)

The Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers aims to promote equity, justice, and opportunities for Asian Canadian legal professionals, students and the community, as well as those with an interest in working with the Asian Canadian community.

Contact: Jessica Kim

Francophone Law Students Association (Association des étudiants en droit francophones)

L'Association des étudiants en droit francophones (L'AEDF) est une association qui vise à développer des liens entre la Faculté de droit à l'Université de l'Alberta et la communauté francophone de l'Alberta.

The Francophone Law Students Association is an organization that seeks to develop ties between the University of Alberta Faculty of Law and the francophone community of Alberta.

Golden Bearristers / Panda Bearristers Rugby Club

UAlberta Law's men's and women's rugby teams play in and around Edmonton, including an annual match with alumni teams and a tournament with Western Canadian law schools.

Bears Contact: George Gagnon

Pandas Contact: Torey Lauber

Indigenous Law Students' Association (ILSA)

The Indigenous Law Students' Association is a student group within the Faculty of Law that is devoted to raising awareness of current Indigenous legal issues within Canada and internationally.


Law & Business Association

The Law and Business Association exists to connect students to the business of law. Events bring together professionals in the field who can shed light on business-focused topics such as firm hiring cycles, in-house counsel positions, the law firm as a business and the use of technology in the practice of law. The club hosts panel discussions that provide opportunities for students to meet members of the legal community, and since 2017/18, has co-organized the Faculty's Legal Innovation Conference with the Office of the Dean.

Contacts: Co-Presidents: Olivia Pietras and Katherine Negahdar

Law and Older
Law and Older is a group for self-identified "mature" students in the Faculty of Law. The group's purpose is to provide support and opportunity to students who may face additional life challenges, such as juggling childcare, re-adapting to a university environment or managing multiple life responsibilities outside of school. 
Law Show

Law Show is an annual theatrical production written, composed, directed, produced and performed by law students. All net proceeds are donated to a local charity.

Law Show contact information:

Law Students' Association

The LSA exists for the purposes of making your law school experience a little easier, a little more comfortable, and hopefully a little more fun. We try to do this through providing ample opportunities to meet socially outside of class with your colleagues, providing access to intramural teams, and providing academic resources such as CANs (Condensed Annotated Notes) to complement your studies. If you ever have any questions about who we are and what we do please visit us at


Law Students for Inclusion and Diversity seeks to foster inclusion and diversity in the legal community through awareness, advocacy, and community involvement.

Mental Health and Wellness Committee (MHWC)

The Mental Health and Wellness Committee is a student organization committed to helping students manage the stress and pressures of law school by promoting healthy habits and stress-reducing activities. The committee provides information, leadership and support for students to improve their physical and mental well-being.


OUTlaw Alberta

OUTlaw is a student organization dedicated to promoting a positive atmosphere within the Faculty of Law for queer students. OUTlaw organizes social events, develops relationships between the Faculty and students and provides visibility and support for the LGBTQ+ community at UAlberta Law.


Runnymede Society

The Runnymede Society is a non-partisan organization dedicated to exploring the rule of law, constitutionalism and individual liberty. The organization aims to foster intellectual diversity and respectful dialogue and debate on campus about timely legal issues.


Tortfeasors, Men's Hockey

The Tortfeasors is a UAlberta Law hockey team that competes against other Faculties, as well as in the UAlberta intramurals league.


Women's Law Forum

The Women's Law Forum is an intersectional feminist club that works to advance gender equity and inclusion in the Faculty of Law, the legal profession, and the greater community.


Non-Registered Student Groups

Canadian Bar Association, Law Students Section North

The law student section of the Canadian Bar Association's Alberta Branch organizes a number of activities throughout the year, including guest speakers, visits to the CBA office and a mentorship program that introduces students to members of the practicing bar in Edmonton.

Litigators, Men's Hockey

The Litigators are a UAlberta Law hockey team that competes against other faculties.

Student Legal Services of Edmonton (SLS)

Student Legal Services of Edmonton is a student-managed, non-profit society dedicated to helping low-income individuals with access to justice in Greater Edmonton. For the last 45 years, student volunteers from UAlberta Law have provided free legal information and agency in the courts to those who would otherwise be unable to afford these services. Student Legal Services provides assistance in areas of civil, criminal and family law, as well as performscommunity outreach in legal education and research assistance to non-profit organizations.

To access Student Legal Services visit their website or call 780-492-2226.


Swift Justice, Women's Hockey Team

This recreational hockey team competes against other women's teams in the intramural league.

Contact: Savy Gosse