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Online Code of Conduct and Expectations at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Law

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19 and the move to mostly remote delivery of class instruction, the University of Alberta, Faculty of Law sets out the following reminders and expectations to guide online learning at the Faculty of Law.

  1. Instructors and students share in the responsibility to conduct themselves in online class environments in a manner that promotes and maintains a positive, respectful, and productive learning environment for all.

  2. Instructors and students in online classes must act ethically, honestly, professionally, and with integrity.

  3. The University of Alberta’s Code of Student Behaviour, which incorporates by reference the Code of Conduct of the Law Society of Alberta, and the Discrimination, Harassment and Duty to Accommodate Policy governs all online class activities.

  4. Students should be aware that synchronous classes, including class discussion, delivered either online or in person may be recorded by the instructor in order to be made available to registered students in the class.

  5. Class recordings and asynchronous class content are intended only for the registered students in the class and are to be used for study purposes only. Class recordings and asynchronous class content must not be shared, disseminated, or published in any form, at any time, in whole or in part, or used for any other purpose without the express written consent of the class instructor or Vice Dean.

  6. Students are not permitted to personally record online or in person classes unless under a University of Alberta approved accommodation plan, or without the express written permission of the class instructor or Vice Dean.

  7. Individual instructors will set the terms of student camera and microphone use in their particular classes. Students with concerns about camera or microphone use should discuss accommodations with their instructor. If concerns remain, the instructor or student should seek the advice of the Vice Dean.

  8. Students are required to use the names associated with their official University of Alberta registration on Beartracks in online class participation, or must inform their instructors in writing if using a different preferred name.

  9. Online classes are intended for only the students registered in that course. Students must not share links or passwords for online classes with others, or on any social media platforms.

  10. As with in person classes, students are expected to attend online classes regularly and to be fully present and engaged in class activities, group work, and discussions.

  11. While instructors recognize the challenges in participating in online classes and that at home care responsibilities for children, family members, and pets are a reality many of us share, we encourage students to reduce surrounding distractions to the best of their ability.

  12. Full participation in online class activities will require reliable webcam, speakers, and microphone, all of which are found in most current laptop computers. Students will also need a reliable internet connection.