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Forms Cabinet & Course Application Information

Below are instructions for the most frequent course registration questions. All referenced documents are linked in the right sidebar of the page. Refer to the Course Registration Manual for more detailed information.

LAW526 Independent Research Paper applications (JD students)

  • Use Research Paper Form
  • The initial step for enrolling in this course is to ask a full-time faculty member to supervise your independent research paper. Sessional instructors are not eligible.
  • Complete the Research Paper Form with your paper supervisor.
  • Submit the completed Research Paper Form with instructor signature to Admissions (LC128 or at least three (3) business days before the term drop/add deadline .
    • View the Academic Schedule for the term drop/add deadline
  • After you have submitted your completed form, you must enroll yourself on Bear Tracks in LAW526 for the appropriate term.

LAW695 Independent Research Paper applications (LLM/PhD students)

  • Use Research Paper Form
  • Follow the above instructions for LAW526 research papers.

Out of Faculty course applications

  • JD students may take one 3-credit, non-Law, UofA course for credit toward their JD
  • Contact to confirm eligibility
  • Use Bear Tracks to view course offerings in other Faculties
  • Complete the Out of Faculty Course Approval Form
  • Submit completed form, along with detailed course outline or syllabus, to LC481 or
  • If approved, student then self registers in course using Bear Tracks. Contact the offering Department or Faculty if registration assistance is required.

LAW598 Moot Court Competition registration

  • If student successfully earns a place on a moot team for Winter term, the student must complete the Competitive Moots Course Registration Form
  • Submit the completed form to LC128 Admissions (
  • Student self registers in LAW598 in Winter term

Internships and other course applications

  • Application details for internships, Courts Clerkships, and other experiential courses will be listed in the Course Descriptions document when available.
  • Applications for internships and experiential courses are typically opened in the spring or summer, after March course registration.
  • Students hoping to apply for an internship or experiential course should register in a full schedule of Fall and Winter courses in March. If selected for an experiential course, you will be asked to drop one course to accommodate the new enrollment.
  • Application announcements will be emailed to students from the Office of the Vice Dean/Curriculum Coordinator.

Exchanges and attendance at other law schools

  • Refer to sections D and E of the Course Registration Manual