Instructional Video (not as complete as the page below)

Additional Reminders and Tips

Exam4 License/Installation

UAlberta Law exams are taken via Exam4, purchased by the student once per term. See its Support page for compatible operating systems/hardware. However, if you are an NCA/ITLP student, an Engineering student in the Intro to Env Law class, or have already purchased a license for this semester, you can scroll beyond the payment step and proceed directly to the download.

Before you email Tim with payment questions: Although you can download Exam4 before paying, you must pay unless you are an NCA/ITLP or engineering student. We manually verify who has paid. Exam marks not associated with a paid license will not be submitted.

Exam4 will be running in open+network mode for this term, so you will have access to your other programs and the Internet while writing your exam, but you will not be able to copy/cut/paste between Exam4 and other programs.

Technical Support

Please contact Tim Young or Hilary Edison through any of the following means (listed in order of preference):

Tim Young

  1. Tim's Video Chat ( (only join this when you have a problem)

  2. (less urgent issues)

  3. 780-445-9605 (voice calls preferred over text, which can be delayed)

Hilary Edison


  2. 780-492-8443

Download and install TeamViewer NOW in order to be prepared for any technical issues that may arise. If needed, open it and provide Tim with Your ID and Password which appear in that window. He will then be able to work on your computer remotely.

Handwriting (by permission only)

Email Vice Dean Adams at to request advance permission to handwrite exams. If approved, you will receive detailed instructions and will submit a sample exam.

In case of a tech emergency that requires you to switch to handwriting mid-exam:
Have a camera or document scanner ready to photograph/scan your answers at the end of each exam. Test this NOW to ensure your handwriting is readable given your available lighting and scanner/camera resolution. Try to include 1 page per photo, using portrait orientation. Scanned exams must be emailed to Aileen Reilly/ at the submission time for the exam.

Question Delivery

We will endeavor to provide the exam questions 10 minutes prior to each exam, using the following methods.

  1. Primary (except for deferred/re-exams): TWEN "Final Exams" Site - Add this to your main TWEN course list, and go into its "Exams" menu item on the left. Refresh that page as needed, around 10 minutes before the exam.

  2. Secondary: Email from Law Centre staff - check your spam folder as needed.

  3. 399:X50 Intro to Environmental Law students: Your questions will only be provided through this page.
  4. Students writing at early accommodated times: your questions will be available only through email.

Deferred/Re-exams: Questions for these will only be sent out through email.

Email will often have a few minutes of delay. If you don't receive the email around the expected time, please contact Aileen Reilly/ and identify the exam/section/prof.

Time Keeping

Exam4 keeps a record of what is typed and when. (It's not a problem if you accidentally hit the space-bar, or insert answer separators early.) Exam4 keeps a record of everything.

Practice Exam

Run Exam4's practice exam NOW to ensure your computer supports Exam4. DO NOT LEAVE THIS UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!

There is no "practice exam question", just a blank page where you can type random text. The resulting exam file will be encrypted once it is closed, and you will not be able to re-open it, so don't type any information in the Practice exam file that you may want to retrieve.

Other Issues

Install all computer updates as soon as possible, especially if you are using an unsupported operating system version.

For issues not addressed by Exam4's FAQ, please submit a support ticket at the bottom of that page. If support is unable to help you, or if the matter is time sensitive, please contact Tim Young (see above).

The spell-check must be run "on-demand" through the Tools menu. It will NEITHER auto-correct nor otherwise point out spelling errors as you type.

Exam Submission / Network Connectivity

Submit your practice exam electronically, as you would your actual exam. Some networks (such as "Guest@UofA") will not support submissions, but the UWS and most home Internet connections will. If you are unsure whether you actually submitted, submit again just to be sure. Duplicate submissions won't cause any harm.

Don't panic if you are suddenly unable to submit an exam. It's mainly important that you don't write outside of your allowed time. Just make sure to exit the exam. Once you find a working Internet connection, upload by:

  1. Re-opening Exam4,

  2. Click "Select existing exam",

  3. Select the exam in the list (note the date to the left of the exam name to ensure you're selecting from the correct term),

  4. and then click, "Submit electronically".

If you encounter difficulties while writing or submitting an exam, contact Tim Young or Hilary Edison right away (see contact info above).

"It says my new Exam4 has expired!"

Mac users: You've probably tried to install over a previous copy of Exam4, but you clicked "Keep" instead of "Replace". You'll need to uninstall, re-install, and click "Replace" if prompted.

Windows/Mac users: You probably still had an old installer in your Downloads folder, and ran the wrong installer. You may need to look for one that has a "(1)" (or another number) at the end of its name.

Before An Exam

  1. Please be ready to write at least 15 minutes before each exam.

  2. In case of technical difficulties, have ready:

    1. Tim's contact information (above) accessible and written down, in case your computer crashes;

    2. Your writing materials;

    3. A (fully-charged) camera/smartphone/scanner ready.

  3. Have your anonymous 4-digit Exam Taker ID ready (look for an email with a subject containing: "2021/4 Exam Taker ID"). Maintain your anonymity. If handwriting, include your Exam Taker ID, the course number, course section, and professor name at the top of your exam, and number the pages. DO NOT include your name or student ID. Do not sign your exam.

My Computer/Exam4 Crashed/Rebooted

In the unlikely event of something like this happening, you can just pick up where you left off:

  1. Re-open Exam4,

  2. Click "Select existing exam",

  3. Select the exam (note the date within the name to be sure you're selecting from the correct term),

  4. Click "Begin Exam",

  5. Type a short reason for crash and click OK.

Additional Notes:

  • Exam4 auto-saves every 10 seconds, and performs a full auto-backup every 2 minutes. Aside from that, you can also use the Save menu at the top.

  • If your exam has word limits, you'll especially want to use the answer separator feature (on the right), and enable Doc Stats in the same area. Once you enter an answer separator, you can still go back and edit previous answers. Don't modify the separators, since doing so can break the word count.

  • Encrypted backup copies of your exam will be kept on your laptop, as well as a receipt of your exam submission. Leave these files intact and avoid wiping your hard drive for any reason until after you have received your marks back from the instructor. This is a good precautionary measure.

  • If you do not have access to a computer to enable you to write exams and are unable to find one to borrow, please contact Tim Young.

Supplemental FAQ (including correction of first video re: submission time)

What if my Internet connection dies during an exam?

It doesn't matter. It's only important that you're able to download the exam questions (and any other required material) at the beginning of the exam. The extra 15 minutes we're providing you with (which will be included in the time listed on your exam's cover sheet) is intended to help you deal with issues that may arrise. (Exam4 doesn't even use the network while you write.)

Exam4 timestamps everything, and when you close an exam it will be locked and encrypted. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you upload late. You can just upload once you find a working network connection.

Do I need to purchase an Exam4 license for this term?

Probably, for every term. The only people who are exempted are the NCA/ITLP students, and the engineering students who are only in 399:X50.

Many of you have noticed (as many do every term) that you can download and run Exam4 without paying. However, the marks for any Exam4 submissions not associated with a valid license will not be submitted. Extegrity has been very good to us, giving us a rock-bottom price (half-off an already heavily discounted price), so they really deserve every penny.

There are two licenses per year. One lasts from the beginning of December until the beginning of April, and the other lasts from April until December.

What are the rules about the submission time?

All April 2021 remote Law exams have an additional 15 minute writing time added to the end. The extra 15 minutes will be included in the submission time on your exam's cover sheet. You must close your exam by that time.

For example, an exam cover sheet for a 3 hour exam that begins at 2:00pm will say:
"TIME ALLOTTED: 3 hours (180 minutes); plus 15 minutes additional submission time. You must submit your exam by 5:15 pm."