Financial Planning

No one is born knowing how to balance a cheque book, manage credit card debt or apply for financial assistance - and unfortunately many families and schools don't teach those skills. To ensure such gaps in knowledge don't interfere with our students' studies and success, the Faculty of Law offers help with basic financial literacy.

Student Money Management Help

Advice is available through our law recruiter or by viewing the videos, Dollars and Doughnuts Part 1 or Dollars and Doughnuts Part 2, and Dealing With Debt. These sources include information on budgeting and bill-paying, managing credit card debt, government student loans, and student line-of-credit applications.


Government Student Loans

Government Student Loans should be a student's first consideration for funding. There are many potential advantages to these loans, such as no payments required nor interest accrued until you graduate. Non-Alberta residents can also research government student loans available from their home province.

Financial Institution Loans

Many financial institutions offer loan programs and other banking benefits, specifically for students of professional schools. You are strongly encouraged to do your homework by researching the various financial programs available from all banks to choose the right institution for you.

Other Funding Sources

The Faculty of Law has also assembled information on the other funding options available to students.

It is every student's responsibility to thoroughly review the various programs available. These include $1.4 million in Scholarships & Awards available through the Faculty of Law and additional funding available externally, and through University of Alberta Funding Sources. The Faculty strongly encourages students to consider all options to ensure they receive adequate funding