Four U of A law profs on the program for Canada’s annual international law conference

Profs. Dzah, Harrington, Jefferies and Reif are presenting at the Canada Council on International Law conference this week in Ottawa

Benjamin Lof - 31 October 2023

The University of Alberta Faculty of Law will be well represented at this year’s Canada Council on International Law annual conference, as four of its professors are making the trek to Ottawa.

This year’s conference, focussing on Inside the Venn: International Law at its Intersections, runs November 2-3 at the John G. Diefenbaker Building in Ottawa. It will examine today’s most pressing issues in international law, including its cross-jurisdictional and interdisciplinary dimensions, with experts presenting from across Canada and around the world.

The gathering provides an opportunity for the Faculty of Law professors to share their research more widely, and to engage with lawyers in government, the NGO sector, and private practice, as well as other academics.

Assistant Professor Godwin Dzah and Professor Cameron Jefferies will both feature on the panel, Navigating Intersections: Human Rights and Indigenous Perspectives on Oceans Law, which challenges dominant perceptions through “case studies in fisheries management, whale conservation, alternative approaches to the conceptualization of ocean places and spaces, and decolonization.”

Professor Joanna Harrington will speak at the panel on International Litigation in the Venn, focussing on the trend towards greater state resort to the International Court of Justice as a mechanism for international dispute settlement, with a focus on Canadian practice.

Professor Linda C. Reif will share her expertise at Gaps in Canadian Approaches to International Law, a roundtable on Canadian shortcomings in approach and implementation, featuring editorial board members from The Canadian Yearbook of International Law.

The Canadian Council on International Law is a non-profit organization established in 1972 to promote the co-operative study and analysis of international legal problems by scholars in universities and by professionals in government service and private practice.