Core Course Descriptions

COMM 501: Applied Research in Communications and Technology
(offered: Second Spring Institute)

Introduction to quantitative and qualitative approaches for conducting research into technology-mediated communications. Guides students in their topic selection and development for their culminating project.

COMM 502: Human Communication
(offered: First Spring Institute)

Survey of classic theories and emerging perspectives in communication studies. Emphasizes the development of skills for analyzing and understanding communication in context.

COMM 503: Social Impact of Digital Communications
(offered: First Spring Institute)

This course explores the social impact of digital communications, with a specific focus on new and emerging social media and networks. Course themes cover a broad range of topics on the history and development of digital communications including social networks, virtual communities, and participatory culture. This course also touches on legal, ethical, and practical dimensions of digital communications as they relate to a range of personal and professional contexts

COMM 504: Organizational Communications
(offered: Online Fall of the first year)

This course explores the complexity and dynamism in the reciprocal relationship between communication, technology and organizational form. It includes the major approaches to organizational design

COMM 505: Contemporary Issues in Communications and Technology
(offered: Online Winter of first year)

This course examines current and emerging issues in communications and technology with an emphasis on providing professionals with an advanced understanding of developments in the field informed by historical and critical theoretical perspectives

COMM 506: Strategic Communications in a Digital World

(offered: Second Spring Institute)

This course covers the conceptual and practical foundations for effective strategic communications management. It provides professionals with the insights and skills needed to integrate digital media into the strategic communications planning for a range of organizations including non-profit, education, government, health and private sector.

COMM 509: Seminar in Research Design
(offered: Online, Fall Term of Second Year)

This seminar provides a hands-on approach to understanding the principles and practices of research design as students carry out preparatory work for their capstone projects.

(Pre-requisite: COMM 501)