Core Courses

There are seven core (required courses) as well as a capstone research project to be completed in the course-based route. In addition you will complete three elective courses.

Year One Year Two
COMM 502 Human Communication (Spring Institute) COMM 501 Applied Research Methods (Spring Institute)
COMM 503 Social Impact of Digital Communications (Spring Institute) COMM 506 Strategic Communications in a Digital World (Spring Institute)
COMM 504 Organizational Communications (Online) COMM 509 Seminar in Research Design (Online)
COMM 505 Contemporary Issues in Communications and Technology (Online) COMM 900 Capstone Research Project (Online)

Registering for Core Courses

You are able to register for all of your core courses via Bear Tracks. We will send an email prior to the start of each term reminding you of the core course that will be offered in that term. If for any reason you are unable to take a course please advise the MACT office right away.

Your Responsibility to Maintain Your Registration Status

If you are taking a break from core courses, or you have completed all but your Capstone project course (COMM 900), please remember that you are required to take a minimum of one 3-credit course each year (between September and August) to maintain your status as an active course-based student. Failure to do so will result in the discontinuation of your program. It is the responsibility of the student to monitor and manage their program of study. More information is available about maintaining registration.