Elective Courses

Students are required to complete three electives along with the core courses and project in order to graduate from the program. MACT electives are delivered online during summer, fall and winter terms. With permission, students may take other approved elective courses at the University of Alberta or at other accredited universities. Individuals not currently admitted to a graduate program of study at the University of Alberta may take MACT elective courses after admission to the university's Open Studies program and the approval of the MACT program. Contact us at mact@ualberta.ca for more information.

In addition to the cycle of electives offered through the year, COMM 598 Directed Study in Communications and Technology is available in all terms. This is an elective course to be completed under the direction of a faculty member. Proposal for the course to be developed in consultation with the faculty member. Proposal must be submitted for approval by the MACT director a minimum of one month prior to registration. Contact the MACT office for more information.

When to schedule electives into your program of study

Completion of the program requires 3 elective courses. While the 7 core courses and the final project have a pre-determined delivery schedule, the electives can be taken at your discretion. You may choose to complete electives during the summer term (July and August) when there are no MACT core courses scheduled. Or you may choose to double up on your course load, that is, take on an elective course while completing a core course at the same time in the fall or winter terms. Your academic advisor will assist you to make decisions regarding electives that will complement your personal, professional, and academic interests. Given the time frames for program completion, however, you are strongly encouraged to take an online elective from the MACT program during your first year, namely during the summer session of July - August as it gives you a strong start towards elective completion.

Electives taken outside the MACT program offerings must be approved through the MACT director prior to undertaking the course to ensure that it may be transferred into your program toward your degree.