Credentialing Request Information

The Faculty of Nursing provides credentialing services to graduates from our programs.

Official credentialing is necessary for University of Alberta BScN graduates to work as registered nurses in other countries. The faculty will send official credentialing packages, including certified course descriptions from the U of A calendar and a verification letter, to the credentialing agency.

credentialing package

The package includes:

  • Certified copies of course descriptions from the official University of Alberta Calendar
  • Verification letter confirming the number of hours completed in the program
  • Graduation date
  • Further documentation as required by the requesting body

Please note:

Official transcripts are not included in the credentialing package. For official transcripts, please contact the Office of the Registrar. While most boards require digital submissions, some require a physical package delivered.

CGFNS International credentialing packages

  • Request an official e-transcript through MyCreds. Find all related information at the MyCred’s Information website.
  • Once you have requested your e-transcript, you will receive an email to sign in to MyCreds that you can share with a third party.
  • Please share your transcripts with WITHOUT A PIN . Once we have access to your e-transcript, we will upload this with the rest of your paperwork.  Unless specified otherwise, you are NOT required to submit transcripts to the boards yourself.

Fees for this service are different depending on where the package is being sent:

  • United States: $100
  • International: $150

For students from the Off-Campus Collaborative Sites (Red Deer Polytechnic, Keyano College, Northwestern Polytechnic) that completed their fourth Year at the U of A, the fee for credentialing is $50.

Please note that the University of Alberta can only provide credentialing for your FINAL YEAR. You are responsible for contacting your Collaborative Site to receive credentialing for your remaining years.

Students who are applying to the College of Nurses of Ontario will be required to purchase the United States Credentialing Package for $100. The CNO requires extensive documentation and that is why there is a fee for this Canadian Board specifically.

How To Order

You will need to complete the following steps in order to begin the process:

  1. Complete the Credentialing Package Request Form
  2. Submit your non-refundable online payment
  3. Request your Official Transcripts.
    • If you are using CGFNS or another digital submission service (i.e. email):
      Request your Official Transcripts to be sent to from the Registrar’s Office via MyCreds. Do not attach a PIN to these documents.
    • If you are using any other service, or have a physical address where your package can be delivered:
      Request physical transcripts by indicating that YES you do have additional documentation to include with your transcript. The Registrar will hold your transcripts until your package is complete, and send everything together.

If you are unsure which method of transcripts you require, please contact and we will be happy to direct you accordingly.