Undergraduate Admissions

RN student

Undergraduate programs in the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing are approved by the Nursing Education Program Approval Committee (NEPAC), which regulates the policies and processes by which a nursing education program becomes and continues to be recognized as an approved nursing education program in Alberta.

Upon successful completion of any of the undergraduate programs in the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing, students obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) degree and are then eligible to write the NCLEX Examination to become a Registered Nurse in Canada.

Summaries of each of our undergraduate programs are provided below. The length of time indicated for each program is based on students enrolled in full-time studies. Detailed program descriptions and admission requirements are available by clicking on the link for a specific program, as well as in the University of Alberta Calendar. Students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their registrations and for completion of the specified program requirements.

Changes to Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

The University of Alberta no longer offers the LPN to BScN bridging program. LPNs are welcome to apply to our four-year BScN-Collaborative Program, but may also wish to consider the Post-LPN BN program at Athabasca University (this program is not affiliated with the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing) or the LPN to BScN program at Red Deer Polytechnic.