International Applicants

The Faculty of Nursing encourages international students to apply for our programs. Refer to the Program Descriptions section of our website for more information about the admission requirements for our BScN programs.

In addition to the general admission requirements for each program, please ensure you are familiar with the University of Alberta's English Language Proficiency (ELP) and Spoken English requirements as outlined in the Spoken English Requirement section of the University Calendar.

The University of Alberta cannot assess credentials or transcripts in advance. All students must first submit an application form, application fee and official documents.

Individuals with a nursing degree from another country can have their education assessed by the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) to determine how their education is recognized in the province of Alberta. CRNA can determine if your current education is acceptable for licensure as a registered nurse in Alberta or if further education at the undergraduate level is required.

For more information, refer to the International Applicants section of CRNA's website . Individuals may also wish to have their education assessed by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) to determine if their current education is acceptable for licensure as a licensed practical nurse in Alberta.

The Faculty of Nursing does not offer a specific program for internationally educated nurses.However, if you would like to be considered for admission to either our four-year BScN-Collaborative Program or our two-year BScN-After Degree Program, you can submit an application.

After you apply and follow through the application steps, our admissions office will assess your application to see if you are eligible for either of these programs based on your previous coursework.

Assessments cannot be done until after you have applied and then submitted all required transcripts and documents. Faculty of Nursing staff cannot conduct in-person assessments of transcripts or other documents.