Transfer Courses

In the fall of 2018, the Faculty of Nursing moved to a concept-based curriculum. As a result, very few courses are considered equivalent and thereby are not eligible for transfer credit.

Once admitted to the Faculty of Nursing, transcripts are assessed and students are notified via the Bear Tracks Transfer Credit Report if they have received transfer credit for any courses in previous post-secondary education. Students seeking admission to the Faculty of Nursing should ensure they submit transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended in order to receive transfer credit.

NOTE: Obtaining transfer credit normally does not shorten the length of your program, but you may have a lighter course load in certain terms.

If you believe you should have received credit for a course not indicated in your Bear Tracks Transfer Credit Report, contact the Faculty of Nursing Undergraduate Office.

If you are already in the Faculty of Nursing and decide to study off-campus and complete a course at another institution, please refer to Off-Campus Courses. You are required to complete a Letter of Permission to take a course from another institution. This is to ensure the course meets the requirements of the program and is transferable to the University of Alberta. If you take a course at another institution without a Letter of Permission and the course is not transferable or equivalent, you will NOT receive transfer credit.

The Alberta Transfer Guide also provides information about the transferability of courses between post-secondary institutions in Alberta.