Strategic Plan and Council

Shaping Tomorrow's Nursing Leaders

The University of Alberta began offering nursing courses in 1918; a century later, much has changed in educating future nurses - from technological advancements in healthcare to the ever-expanding role and responsibilities of nurses.

One of the few constants over this time has been the Faculty of Nursing's devotion to promoting health, equity, and quality of life for the public good.

As we enter our second century of nursing education, our commitment to these tenets remains unwavering as we build on our teaching, learning, research, and scholarship successes.

This five-year Strategic Plan articulates the vision, mission, and principal values that form the foundation of our Faculty. Our seven strategic directions will bring renewed focus to our work, and steer decision-making and resource distribution.

Shaping Tomorrow's Nursing Leaders empowers and enables the Faculty of Nursing and our people to position the Faculty as the academic and influential voice in professional nursing


To be the world-renowned academic and influential voice in professional nursing.


To promote health, equity, and quality of life for the public good by creating vibrant and supportive environments, advancing health science, and developing nurse leaders.


The Faculty of Nursing embraces:

  • Learner-centred teaching and learning
  • Cutting-edge research
  • Ethical behaviours, relationships, and partnerships
  • Inclusive approaches to health, equity, global health, and well-being