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The Faculty of Nursing continues to push the boundaries of health sciences research. Our leaders and experts in the field are being recognized for their innovative research expertise. Research is the bedrock upon which our global reputation has been built and continues to grow.

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Research Area(s)

Research Method(s)


Amodu, Kemi Global Health/Migrant Health/Immigrant, and Women's Health

Ceci, Christine Ageing/Gerontological Health, Health Equity  Qualitative Methods, Philosophical analysis


Chamberlain, Stephanie Aging/Gerontology, Health Services Research, Loneliness, Social Isolation, Long-Term Care Workforce Quantitative Methods, Mixed Methods, Literature Reviews

Chiu, Patrick Policy, Professional Practice, Health Professions Regulation, Global Health, Nursing Governance, Policy Advocacy Qualitative methods, literature reviews, policy analysis

Cummings, Greta Nursing/Healthcare Leadership, Ageing/Gerontological Health Quantitative Methods  780-492-0427
Dahlke, Sherry Nursing Education/Pedagogy, Ageing/Gerontological Health Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods 780-492-8232
Deschenes, Sadie Intensive Care Unit, Ethics, Moral distress Qualitative methods, literature reviews
Estabrooks, Carole

Ageing/Gerontological Health, Healthcare Workforce, Knowledge Translation, Health Services Research, Improvement Science, Implementation Science, Long-Term Care (LTC) Mixed Methods, Secondary Analyses, Process Evaluation, Bibliometric Methods, Network Analyses (780) 492-3451
Haykowsky, Mark Ageing/Gerontological Health, Oncology, Cardiovascular Disease Quantitative Methods
Hunter, Kathleen Ageing/Gerontological Health, Continence, Pelvic Floor Health Quantitative Methods, Mixed Methods, Qualitative Methods 780-492-8941
Hyde, Ashley Digital Health Interventions, Implementation Science, Patient Experience, Patient Education Qualitative Methods, Mixed-Methods, Scoping Reviews
Kleib, Manal Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence, Nursing and Health informatics, Nursing Education; Health System Transformation, Change Management, Leadership Literature Reviews, Quantitative Methods, Mixed Methods 780-248-1422
Lemermeyer, Gillian Relational ethics, embodied ethics, the nurse's touch, NICU, ethics of artificial intelligence in health, nursing practices, experiences of transgender people in healthcare Qualitative Methods, Phenomenology,
Scoping reviews
Low, Gail Ageing/Gerontological Health, Mental Health/Addictions, Quantitative Methods, Psychometrics
MacDonald, Shannon Child Health, Immunization, Infectious Disease, Health Equity Quantitative Methods, Mixed Methods, Literature Reviews 780-248-1563
Meherali, Salima

Global Health/Migrant Health, Child Health, Knowledge Translation, Health Equity, Mental Health/Addictions Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods, Mixed Methods, Literature Reviews 780-248-1401
Montgomery, Carmel Post-ICU syndrome in ICU survivors; costs associated with ICU nursing turnover; evaluation of NP-led clinics Quantitative; literature reviews 780-492-4547
Morris, Heather Substance Use; Harm Reduction; Community Engagement; Health Services for Urban Underserved Communities A mixture of qualitative methods and some quantitative methods
Norris, Colleen

Cardiovascular Disease, Sex and Gender Science, Women's Heart Health Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods, Mixed Methods, Literature Reviews 780-492-0644
Olson, Joanne

Nursing Education/Pedagogy, Ageing/Gerontological Health, Mental Health & Addictions, Spirituality in Nursing & Health Care Qualitative Methods, Literature Reviews 780-492-6252
O'Rourke, Hannah

Ageing/Gerontological Health (specifically people living with Dementia), Care of older adults living with dementia, social connection, intervention design and evaluation Quantitative Methods, Mixed Methods, Literature Reviews, Methods that are used in the development and evaluation of complex interventions (e.g., pilot, feasibility, clinical trials) 780-492-7961
Papathanassoglou, Elisavet Global Health/Migrant Health, Critical Illness, Infectious Disease, Stress research, pathophysiology, integrative medicine Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods, Mixed Methods, Literature Reviews


Paul, Pauline

Nursing Education/Pedagogy, History of Nursing, Orthopedic Nursing (joint replacements) Qualitative Methods, Historial Method 780-492-7479
Pituskin, Edith

Chronic Disease, Oncology, Cardiovascular Disease Quantitative Methods and Qualitative Methods 780-492-6795
Punjani, Neelam Children's Health & Well-being, Lifelong Women's Health, Sexuality, Sexual and Reprdrocutive Health Qualitative Research, Art based approach, Knowledge Translation, Literature Reviews
Salma, Jordana

Ageing/Gerontological Health, Health Equity, Intersectionality Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods, Literature Reviews 780-492-7555
Santos Salas, Anna

Health Equity, Oncology, Palliative Care Qualitative Methods 780-492-3618
Schick-Makaroff, Kara Mental Health/Addictions, Chronic Disease, Quality of Life, Chronic Kidney Disease, Patient-Reported Outcomes

Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods,  Literature Reviews

Scott, Shannon Child Health, Knowledge Translation, Patient Engagement Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods, Knowledge Synthesis 780-492-1037
Spiers, Jude Chronic illness, nurse-patient interaction, communication and relationships, LTC resident transitions to acute care, nursing education Qualitative methods, literature reviews
Stephen, Tracey Nursing/Healthcare Leadership, Nursing Education/Pedagogy, Simulated Learning and Exam Development Quantitative Methods
Symonds-Brown, Holly Ageing/Gerontological Health, Health Equity, Mental Health/Addictions Qualitative Methods
Tate, Kaitlyn Gerontology, Transitions in Care, Leadership & Health System Performance Quantitative methods, literature reviews, some qualitative methods
Temple, Bev Nursing/Healthcare Leadership, Child Health, Knowledge Translation Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods, Literature Reviews