Clinical Placements

Throughout each of the undergraduate program(s), clinical nursing practice occurs in concentrated blocks of time in a variety of acute and community settings. These clinical experiences enable students to become confident and competent in a variety of healthcare settings and apply theoretical and psychomotor learning to clinical skills and practice.

NOTE: Nursing courses that end in the word "Practice" are clinical placement courses.

The Faculty of Nursing, (FoN), University of Alberta (U fo A) negotiate formal agreements with numerous clinical organizations. Because of the significant number of clinical placements required in undergraduate programs a number of clinical placements can occur within 150 km of the greater Edmonton region.

Review the Google Map below to learn more about where your clinical placements can occur.

  • Students are responsible for their transportation to placements and for the costs of travel and accommodation (if applicable).
  • Clinical placements in certain areas of practice can occur between 7 am to 11 pm. These clinical hours are commonly divided into day shift and evening shift. Day shift commonly occurs between 7 am to 3 pm. Evening shift commonly occurs between 3 pm to 11 pm.
  • At the commencement of each of your clinical courses throughout the program you will be given a schedule with the shifts identified.
  • Clinical placements are negotiated in a collaborative manner by the various educational institutions who incorporate clinical placements into their programs. Once clinical placements are secured, clinical instructors are assigned to a group of students.
  • If there are any extenuating circumstances that could affect a student's participation in clinical placement the student is asked to contact the Clinical Placement Team prior to the assignment of placements, at Students may also contact their specific course lead for the clinical course. Examples of such circumstances are an immediate family member working on a unit you may be placed on, having a child that requires specialized care, etc.

NOTE: Students in any FoN, U of A clinical placement do not receive any remuneration or agency payment.