NURS 485 - Nursing Practice in a Focused Area

NURS 485 is the final senior clinical placement in all FoN, U of A undergraduate program(s). The preceptorship placement occurs in an approved clinical setting. The course provides an opportunity to consolidate learning and preparation to assume the role of BScN graduate via a preceptored clinical experience. Students are permitted, prior to this placement, to indicate in written format an ‘area of interest’ indicator with provision for a brief commentary. The area of focus may be a particular setting of practice, client population, or health challenge or trend. Area of interest placements are all reviewed and if capacity exists in the clinical setting and the student has met certain criteria, the specific placement can occur. The FoN provides a clinical placement for every student. All placements are at an approved clinical setting which permits the student to meet course objectives and clinical acumen.

Each student is assigned a preceptor(s) who is a Registered Nurse (RN) who is a staff member at the site where the final placement occurs. In addition, there is a faculty instructor assigned to the student who facilitates the preceptorship experience between the student and the preceptor.

If you are a current student and have more questions about NURS 485, review the FAQs for NURS 485 Placements.

Certain placements may occur in another region of Alberta in urban and/or rural settings, in other provinces, or internationally.

For more information on rural placements:

For more information about international options for NURS 485 and to read about the previous experiences of students who have participated in these opportunities, visit Global Nursing Office's Student Opportunities.