Honors Program (Collaborative + After Degree)

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Honors Program is for a select group of high-achieving students who are either drawn from our BScN Collaborative Program or apply directly to the After Degree Honors Program.

The BScN-Honors Program provides the same clinical preparation as the Collaborative and After Degree Programs. In addition, Honors students will gain more in-depth knowledge in the area of research and — mentored and supported by a Faculty of Nursing researcher — carry out an Honors research project.

Our current Honors students are engaged in various areas of research. This program is one of only a few nursing honors programs available in Canada and provides an exciting opportunity for students to obtain more advanced preparation in scholarly and research work to enrich their undergraduate program experience. The program helps prepare students to provide evidence-based nursing practice in health-care settings, as well as to facilitate the transition from undergraduate to graduate studies in nursing.

Students are supported in conducting research, presenting their research at conferences and other public venues and working toward publications of their work. This enhances their competitiveness for graduate programs. Students who are interested in strengthening their capacity for evidence-based practice and in pursuing research and teaching as future career choices are well suited for this program.

The BScN-Honors Program has slightly different course sequencing than the Collaborative and After Degree Programs. Specifically, the seminar courses NURS 399 - Selected Topics in Nursing Research and NURS 499 - Scholarly Project in Nursing. These courses guide students in exploring topics related to nursing research and its application to nursing practice. Students work closely with a faculty supervisor to develop a research proposal in NURS 399. Students conduct the research in the summer between NURS 399 and NURS 499. The focus of NURS 499 is advancing knowledge in specific areas of nursing practice and research, writing a project report and presenting project research results.

Registration and Program Planning