Nursing Simulation Centre


The Nursing Simulation Centre is 1307 square metres (14,068 square feet) of state-of-the-art space where Faculty of Nursing undergraduate and graduate students engage in immersive learning using a variety of simulated teaching-learning strategies including: standardized patients; low-, medium- and high-fidelity simulators; and an extensive collection of training models. In addition, the Nursing Simulation Centre employs a group of standardized patients - individuals who play the role of patients - to provide learners with opportunities to develop and practice communication and health assessment skills and to provide care to persons experiencing mental health problems.

All six of our learning labs are equipped with SMART technology, live streaming, and audio and video recording capability. Each learning lab replicates an acute care hospital environment and is fully equipped with the type of equipment found across a variety of clinical areas (e.g., beds, stretchers, IV pumps, glucometers, ECG monitors, and live head walls with medical gases and suction).

This realistic environment of the Nursing Simulation Centre supports immersive learning in a safe environment and provides learning experiences that are high risk or may be difficult to obtain in the clinical setting (e.g. cardiac arrest or birthing of a baby).

The High Fidelity Simulation Suite is home to a variety of simulated human patients, ranging in age from newborn to adult. We currently have four human patient simulators or mannequins (one newborn infant and three adult), each of which has a name, a medical and social history, and life-like features such as blinking eyes; heart, lung, and bowel sounds; voices; and can respond to care provided by students. One of our adult mannequins, Noelle, is an obstetrical mannequin that can simulate a live birth!