Final Examination Deferral Process

Students may request a deferred final exam if they are not able to write the scheduled final examination due to the following reasons as per the University of Alberta Academic Regulations:

  • incapacitating illness,
  • severe domestic affliction, or
  • for circumstances as described in the University's Discrimination, Harassment and Duty to Accommodate Policy (including religious belief)

Deferred examinations will not be granted for unacceptable reasons. Examples include, but are not limited to, personal events such as vacations, weddings, or travel arrangements.

Deferred examinations are granted at the discretion of the Undergraduate Office and are not automatic (see Academic Regulations in the University Calendar). Deferred final exams are approved when you have demonstrated that you are incapable of writing the final examination at the originally scheduled time. It is a serious offense under the Code of Student Behaviour to misrepresent facts in order to obtain a deferred exam or other advantage. See Code of Student Behaviour: 30.3.6(4) Misrepresentation of Facts.

University policy states that a deferred exam will NOT be approved if a student:

  1. has not been in regular attendance where attendance and/or participation is required, and/or
  2. has completed less than half of the assigned work, excluding the final exam.

The deadline for application for a deferred final examination is two (2) working days after the missed exam. Please contact your instructor as soon as possible if you are unable to meet this deadline.

Procedure to Apply for a Deferred Examination

If you have missed your final examination you must complete the Request for Deferred Examination google form within two (2) working days of your missed final exam.

The process to apply for deferred examination is as follows:

  1. Notify your course instructor by email from your University of Alberta email address as soon as possible if you are unable to write a final exam as exam deferrals are not granted automatically. A Request for a Deferred Exam is subject to approval by the Undergraduate Office and the Teaching Team Lead, Program Coordinator or Course Lead.
  2. Complete the Request for Deferred Examination google form and attach any required documentation within two (2) working days following the missed examination, or as soon as you are able due to the circumstances underlying your absence. You will need the following documentation:
    • Incapacitating Illness: If you are ill, a medical note is not required; however, you may choose to bring one.
    • Religious Observance: Student must inform the Faculty office within two (2) weeks of the start of Fall or Winter classes, and within three (3) days of the start of Spring or Summer classes.

      NOTE: Time frame is for exam deferral requests and does not include requests for religious accommodations in clinical courses.

    • Other: If you have missed your final exam for reasons other than those noted above (e.g. injury, jury duty, and so on), please email Faculty of Nursing, Undergraduate Office at, to determine what constitutes appropriate documentation to support an Application for Deferred Examination.
  3. Your application will be reviewed and if a deferred final examination is approved, you will be permitted to write your final examination at a later date, in accordance with regulations. The exams are normally offered on the Friday before the start of the next term, at 0900 (single exam) and 1300 (if writing a second exam).

    NOTE: If your deferred exam is denied, the Faculty decision is final; there is no opportunity for appeal.

  4. If your request for deferral is approved, you will be contacted by the Faculty of Nursing Undergraduate Office regarding the alternate date, time and location for your exam. Please check your University of Alberta email account on a regular basis for more information regarding your exam.

    NOTE: Your course letter grade will normally be coded as an "F2" in Beartracks until you have completed the deferred exam.