Developmental Pediatrics Residency Program

As defined by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada: Developmental pediatrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on developmental trajectories of children with congenital or acquired disorders and/or individual variations in physical, motor, cognitive, sensory and social-emotional development.

Developmental pediatricians provide highly specialized health care to children of all ages and developmental levels in the context of their families and communities. This discipline also encompasses children's behavioural responses to those challenges. The overall goal is to promote and maintain the developmental and emotional well-being of all children and their families, especially those who are most vulnerable.

The specialty promotes preventive strategies which minimize the prevalence and impact of disorders of development. Developmental pediatrics is concerned with both the individual developmental profile and the impact of the children's psychosocial and cultural milieu on their lives.

The developmental pediatrician will have a commitment to advancement of the field through education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and through continuing education to physicians and allied health professionals. The developmental pediatrician will be dedicated to advancement of the field through research.