Absence from Placement

Successful completion of the clinical education component is a requirement for graduation from the MScPT program. Therefore:

  • 100% attendance on clinical placement is expected from all students
  • However, if time is missed it will need to be made up; if possible tagged onto the current placement if this is convenient for the CI and site, or it will be tracked by the ACCE and added on to a future placement (the required clinical education hours allow for a total of 2 days absence due to illness throughout the whole program).
  • It is the student's duty to notify the CI as early as possible if they are unable to come in for a regularly scheduled day of placement.
  • Absences of more than one day due to illness need to be accompanied by a medical certificate. This must be submitted to the CI and then attached to the CPI at the end of the placement and handed in to the ACCE.
  • Students should schedule required personal appointments so that they do not interfere with clinical commitments.
  • Students wanting an absence for religious reasons or special circumstances must submit a request in writing to the ACCE well in advance of the start of the placement. If granted, written approval needs to be forwarded by the student to the CI at the site with the letter of intent in advance of the start of the placement.
  • No matter the reason, absence of two or more days from a placement must be reported to the ACCE. The ACCE and the CI will determine how and when this time will be made up.
  • Requests for absence for compassionate reasons should be made to the ACCE.
  • Clinical instructors are requested to track all time missed and mark it on the last page of the clinical performance instrument. The ACCE will monitor student's absences over time to ensure that the minimum hours for graduation are met.
  • Any unauthorized absence from clinical practice is regarded as a serious breach of discipline and professional misconduct
  • Students should realize that making up missed placement hours may lengthen the program and delay their graduation.