Structural Human Anatomy - PTHER 350

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine offers an undergraduate anatomy course PTHER 350 Structural Human Anatomy which provides an in-depth study of the gross anatomy of the upper and lower extremities, trunk, head and neck.

PTHER 350 will be offered in the Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 terms.

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine offers an undergraduate anatomy course that qualifies as a pre-requisite for the MSc PT and MSc OT programs. PTHER 350 Structural Human Anatomy *3 (fi 6) is an in-depth study of the gross anatomy of the upper and lower extremities, trunk, head and neck.

Permission from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine is NOT required to take PTHER 350. This course is open to all students registered at the University of Alberta. Students from outside the University of Alberta must apply to be registered as an open studies student to take the course.

PTHER 350 is a senior-level course. Students with no previous anatomy experience may wish to take the non-credit Foundations of Musculoskeletal Anatomy for Human Movement in preparation for this course.

Before Registering

Please be aware that there are a limited number of seats in this class. The Department cannot make exceptions for students looking to join a class that is already full.

Learning anatomy requires time, discipline and consistency. We ask that you reflect on whether the online format and study requirements are suited to your learning style or current life circumstances before registering for the course. Keep in mind the following:

  • The volume of work in PTHER 350 is high. We recommend students be able to dedicate a minimum of 8-10 hours per week to keep up with the volume.
  • The online course format requires a high degree of self-direction and discipline to complete the work without the structure and interaction of an in-person class.
  • We recommend you be able to set aside specific times each week to complete the work. Believing you can add this to or juggle around your other commitments is not advised. The course requires adequate time to study when you are not tired or distracted by other commitments.
Once you've registered, here are the instructions for accessing PTHER 350
  1. Go to the University of Alberta website and click on the eClass icon found in the upper right hand corner.
  2. When it opens it will ask for your CCID and password.
  3. Once the information is put in you should see a link that says PTHER 350.
  4. Click on this link and you will be directed to class files.

Course Format

PTHER 350 - Structural Human Anatomy is delivered online using The University of Alberta's online learning platform. All content is delivered asynchronously meaning there is no requirement to be online at a specific class date and time. Students can complete the learning activities in a place and time of their choosing. Content is accessible twenty four (24) hours-a-day from any location with an internet connection.

Each week includes a self-study guide, online lectures, chapter reading, and a virtual lab manual. Students must complete each learning activities to progress in the course. Students are fully responsible for completing the learning activities.

Course Evaluation

The course evaluation consists of term quizzes, a mid-term and final exam. All evaluations are completed online. The dates, times, locations and proctor instructions of term quizzes and exams are outlined in the course outline or on the course eClass page.

Exam Locations and Proctors

Final exams will occur during the formal exam weeks scheduled by the University of Alberta at the end of each academic term and are not generally included in statements regarding course dates and timelines.

Students located in Edmonton are expected to complete the exams in a University of Alberta computer lab. Students outside of Edmonton must make arrangements for a suitable proctor at their own cost. Although this is an online course, students must be available to write the exam at the scheduled time. Students should not expect to write the exam at their own convenience. In accordance with University Policy, requests to accommodate exam times for personal reasons such as work, weddings, vacations or travel are not acceptable; however, slight time accommodations due to time zone changes may be permitted at the discretion of the instructor. Please read the Academic Regulations for Examinations for more information on the University of Alberta's policy.

Required Textbook

  • Gray's Anatomy for Students. Drake RL, Vogl AW, Mitchell ADM. 4th Edition, Elsevier: 2020 ISBN: 978-0-323-39304-1

(Available through Amazon, Indigo-Chapters, or at the University of Alberta Bookstore)