MA Policy Studies Course-based Program


For the course-based MA Policy Studies, 27 credit hours are required. All Policy Studies students are required to take three core courses:

  • POL S 527: Power, Politics, and Policymaking in Canada
  • POL S 532: Indigenous Engagement, Governance and Policy
  • POL S 902: Policy Studies Capstone Seminar

In addition to the three required courses, students take 18 credit hours of graduate-level courses. Normally, for course-based students, this will be achieved through completing six graduate-level courses. These courses will be chosen from program electives, Political Science graduate courses, or from outside of the department (to a maximum of six credit hours).

The minimum period of residence for full-time programs is two four-month terms of full-time attendance at the University of Alberta. The time required to complete the MA in Policy Studies will vary with the program and candidate. Full-time students in the MA in Policy Studies program will normally complete the program within 16 to 20 months.

Ethics requirement:

All graduate students at the University of Alberta are required to take eight hours of Graduate Ethics Training (GET). Five hours of this requirement can be met by registering through the FGSR website to take a self-guided online course. The remaining three can be met by taking a department seminar on academic integrity offered every spring, or by taking three hours of approved seminars offered by FGSR or other units on campus.

Professional development:

All students entering a graduate degree program at the University of Alberta from September 1, 2016 will be required to complete a professional development requirement. See Professional Development.