Project Feedback Debrief

August 14: Deadline to Declare Intent to Participate

While we understand that applicants will not receive their Spring 2020 Project competition Notice of Recommendation (NOR) until the end of August 2020. However, quickly recruiting reviewers is difficult, and we believe these meetings need to take place very quickly after NOR release. Consequently, we request that Spring 2020 Project applicants sign up for a Feedback Debrief before they receive their application feedback from CIHR. Interested applicants should email with the following:

  1. Title of the application and 1-page summary of the proposal.
  2. List of any co-applicants.
  3. Project peer review committee to which your application is likely to be submitted.
  4. Names of 4-6 University of Alberta faculty who may be contacted to participate as reviewers.*

*It is helpful to indicate the reason for each reviewer's inclusion (e.g. content expert, CIHR peer review committee member) if you would like for us to recruit, for example, one content or methodology expert and one previous CIHR peer review committee member. Having reviewers with different expertise can be helpful. (See the lists of UAlberta faculty who have reviewed at CIHR for Project and OOGP competitions, and those who have received Project Awards.)

We are willing to suggest reviewers as needed.

Early September 2020: Feedback Debrief Meetings