Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program provides funding to the very best postdoctoral applicants, both nationally and internationally, who will positively contribute to the country's economic, social and research-based growth.

The objective of the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program is to; attract and retain top-tier postdoctoral talent, both nationally and internationally, develop their leadership potential, position them for success as research leaders of tomorrow



For complete eligibility details, please refer to the eligibility criteria page on the Banting website.

Internal Application process

Applicants must contact the UAlberta proposed supervisor and express interest in the Banting Fellowship as soon as possible.

UAlberta uses a two-part process for Banting applications. All potential applicants must submit a Preliminary Application Form to the Faculty by 03 May 2021. 

The department/faculties and UAlberta's Banting Sub-Committees will perform a preliminary assessment of qualified applicants.

Based on the preliminary assessments selected candidates will be invited to complete the full online Banting application and submit supporting documents.

Only invited applicants are able to complete the online application.

Invited applicants will be responsible for submission of complete application via ResearchNet by September 22, 2021 (20:00 EDT, 6:00 MDT).

Reference letters must also be submitted directly to ResearchNet by the deadline noted on the online referee assessment page.

Applications will be considered at the national Banting adjudication with results for the 2021-22 competition expected by mid February, 2022.

For complete details, including important internal competition deadlines, please refer to documents below:

UPDATED - University of Alberta Banting Internal Timeline 2021

UPDATED - University of Alberta Banting Internal Process 2021

Application/Nomination information for departments, supervisors and applicants:

Banting Preliminary Package Application Form

Updated - Proposed Supervisor's Guide

Referee Guide

Subcommittee Guide

Detailed Banting Fellowship Application Tasks