Maintenance Request for Student Residence

To report a general maintenance or pest problem in your unit, submit a maintenance request online through your residence account:
Maintenance Request

Emergency Maintenance Repairs

When is a repair considered an emergency or critical repair?
  1. The problem jeopardizes someone's safety.
  2. The problem will cause further damage or loss to University property.
  3. The problem will significantly disrupt University activity.

Using these guidelines and your best judgement to decide whether something is a critical repair will help avoid delays in addressing regular requests.

DO NOT submit an online request to report a critical maintenance issue like a water leak or an issue that may involve a risk to health or safety. Rather, contact your Residence Services Office or, during on-shift hours, contact your Resident Assistant (contact information is available in your residence's section of the Current Residents pages. For all emergencies outside of these hours, please contact Campus Control Centre at 780-492-4833. After your call has been placed, please submit a maintenance request to document the issue and for any following maintenance. Please indicate in the request that a call was made to address the issue.

Provide your name, the residence, your unit (room) number and the nature of the problem. If there is a way to contact you about this repair (phone number or email address), please provide that also.

The maintenance department responds to critical repair requests as soon as possible. Some repairs will require immediate attention, such as overflowing toilets, while others will be addressed within 24 hours of being reported. Often a temporary fix will be made to prevent further damage until a full repair can be done. Please understand that large scale emergencies such as fire, gas leaks, broken water lines, and loss of utilities will have priority over even Critical Repairs.

What to Expect

By submitting a maintenance request, you give Residence Services maintenance staff permission to enter your unit to assess and conduct repairs starting the moment you submit the maintenance request and for the following 10 business days, between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Every effort will be made to resolve your issue as soon as possible. While each request we receive is important to us, critical repair issues will take precedence over problems like burned out light bulbs. To ensure your request is handled in the most efficient manner possible and to avoid delays, please clearly describe your maintenance issue when you submit your Maintenance Request.

Maintenance staff will:

  • knock twice before entry
  • notify residents upon entering a room, unless the repair is deemed an emergency or a maintenance request has been submitted in the past 10 business days
  • provide verbal or written notification when repairs are complete or if they need to return
  • lock all unit doors, including bedrooms when leaving, even if the door was unlocked upon entry
  • conduct a preventative maintenance check on other items in your unit at the time of entry, as required
The maintenance technician left an entry slip that says my request has been completed, but it is still not fixed. What do I do now?

Please log-in to your Residence Services Account to check the status of your Maintenance Request.

Be a great roommate

If you have a roommate or roommates, please tell them that you have submitted a maintenance request, so that they are aware that maintenance staff will be entering your shared unit.




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