Tenant Insurance

Tenant insurance is part of your lease agreement and comes at no additional cost to you. It covers your personal belongings and protects you against loss or damage you may be liable for.


Contents Coverage

Each student will be provided with coverage to protect your personal belongings up to $10,000 — subject to a $500 deductible. The policy provides coverage for all risks of loss or damage subject to exclusions. Claims will be settled on a “replacement cost” basis.


Personal Liability Coverage

If a student is found to be responsible for causing accidental damage to university property or another student’s property (for example, if a student accidentally started a fire in their room) or accidental bodily injury to another person, the policy will respond up to $1,000,000 to pay legal expenses and compensatory damages for which they are found to be legally liable.


Additional Living Expenses*

If as a consequence of an insured loss the student’s residence is unfit for occupancy, the policy will pay the increased expenses (up to $2,500) incurred by the student to obtain temporary housing. For example, if a student moves to a hotel for a few days while their room is being repaired, hotel costs including meals would be covered.

* Residence Services will initially work with any affected students to accommodate them elsewhere within the University of Alberta Residences at no cost to the student. If there is no available space for the student to move to then a claim can be made for Additional Living Expenses.

View insurance brochure for more details


I already have insurance for my personal contents and liability coverage through another homeowner or tenant insurance policy. I do not need to buy additional coverage while I am in residence at the University of Alberta.
The university has purchased a master insurance policy for students living in residence at the university. This insurance is part of your lease agreement and comes at no additional cost to you. This program ensures all students in residence have consistent insurance protection in case of loss or damage to their personal property and/or liability arising from personal activities on or off campus. This insurance is considered ‘primary’ to any other insurance you may have in place or extended to you by another policy (i.e. parents’).
What policy documentation will I receive to confirm this insurance protection?
You will receive a Certificate of Insurance directly from Marsh Canada within 60 days of the start of the semester you join a Residence. This certificate will be in your name outlining the insurance coverages provided by this policy along with a website address (marsh.ca/studentinsurance) where you can access the policy wording.
What is usually NOT covered by this insurance protection?
Typical exclusions include wear and tear as well as intentional or criminal acts. Please refer to the policy wording and/or contact Marsh Canada directly to discuss this insurance program.
Does this tenant insurance cover me if I am no longer a tenant of the University?
No. This insurance protection is a part of your lease. Insurance protection immediately stops when you are no longer a tenant of the University. You must arrange for separate insurance protection through any licensed broker when you leave University Residence. The university does not assist in any way in this process.
If I have a claim, who should I call?

You will need to contact Residence Services for repairs and Marsh (the broker) for a claim.

Residence Services

Non-emergency Maintenance Repairs

To report a general maintenance or pest problem in your unit, submit a maintenance request online through your residence account.

Emergency Maintenance Repairs

When is a repair considered an emergency or critical repair?

  1. The problem jeopardizes someone's safety.
  2. The problem will cause further damage or loss to University property.
  3. The problem will significantly disrupt University activity.

Using these guidelines and your best judgement to decide whether something is a critical repair will help avoid delays in addressing regular requests.

DO NOT submit an online request to report a critical maintenance issue like a water leak or an issue that may involve a risk to health or safety. Rather, contact your Residence Services Office or, during on-shift hours, contact your Resident Assistant (contact information is available in your residence's section of the Current Residents pages. For all emergencies outside of these hours, please contact Campus Control Centre at 780-492-4833

Marsh Canada Ltd.

If there is damage to University property, your personal property and/or damage to any property of others, please immediately notify:

Toll-Free Number: 1-800-665-0765


International Programs Group (IPG)
Email excessuwclaims@ipgclaims.com
Direct Number 1-888-780-7913

As part of the claims process, you are responsible for notifying Marsh Canada Ltd. of any potential claim. As part of this process, you must deal cooperatively with the insurer's authorized representative (claims adjuster).