Payment Information


Follow these instructions on how to pay your residence fees, including rent and meal plan payment.

Your Confirmation Letter will identify your payment type as either term or monthly.

Click your payment type below for payment deadlines.

UAlberta student resident using tablet

Residence deposit

Your Residence Deposit will be credited to your residence account in Bear Tracks and applied towards your first month's rent or any past due charges.

Please note that if you delayed your arrival in Fall 2020, your deposit was used to keep your application active for future terms and to provide access to Expedition:Connect. Therefore, there will be no credit to your residence account in BearTracks and you will be responsible for submitting a payment for your full first month's rent

Monthly rent payments schedule (monthly & 11-month term leases)


Your rent will be posted to your Bear Tracks account on the 15th of each month and is due the last day of the same month. For example, your September rent will be posted on August 15 and is due on August 31.

* The monthly rent payment only applies in those residences to the one-bedroom, studios and students on a grandfathered month-to-month contract. All other residents in shared units are on a Term Rent Payment.

Term rent payment schedule (4 & 8 month contracts)

Fall Term residence fees will be posted in Bear Tracks on September 15 and are due September 30.

Winter Term residence fees will be posted in Bear Tracks on January 15 and are due January 31.

Term installment fees do not apply to residence and meal plan charges.

Financial issues and outstanding accounts

If you are unable to make your payments for whatever reason, please send an email request to to make arrangements before the payment is due.

You can also contact Student Connect for financial assistance.

Please note that we are not charging interest on overdue accounts for the months of August and September as we complete system updates.

Eviction policy for outstanding accounts

Please note that we will not be issuing eviction letters for outstanding accounts for the months of August and September as we complete system upgrades.

  • If your account is outstanding in an amount of $100.00 or more and no prior payment arrangements have been made with Accounts Receivable, an eviction letter may be delivered to you.
  • In the case of an eviction letter, the eviction notice will be rescinded if you pay your outstanding account in full by the eviction date. Otherwise, the eviction will be enforced.
  • If you make arrangements for a payment plan with Accounts Receivable and do not honour the agreement, another eviction letter may be sent to you.
  • Please note that all eviction letters will remain on your file during your current tenancy and any subsequent stay within residence.
  • If you fail to pay your account or make financial arrangements and fail to vacate upon the date specified in the eviction letter, legal action may be taken against you and all charges incurred may be billed to you.
  • It is imperative that you keep your account fully paid at all times. Failure to do so may result in difficulties in renting future accommodations off-campus.