Community Life Fund


What the Community Life Fund?

We recognize that in residence we have some pretty outstanding students who often go above and beyond in being active members of the residence community by helping to foster a positive environment that strives to support, develop and encourage others. We also recognize that coordinating community events that better our residences, campus and Edmonton community takes resources.

The Community Life Fund is a grant for students residence at the University of Alberta who are interested in organizing programming for the greater residence community.

These programs can include awareness campaigns, skill building workshops, recreational activities, and fundraising events and should aim to achieve at least one of the following:

  • Community building within residence and experiential learning activities
  • Personal growth and development of individual participants
  • Significant benefit to a community or campus partner

Who can apply?

This application is open to any student or student leader (volunteer, association member) living in a UAlberta residence community.

Students are welcome to apply more than once, but priority will be given to first time applicants.

What kinds of programs qualify?

Programs that go above and beyond to help better your residence community.

  • Above and beyond is defined as any task or initiatives that go beyond regular expectations as community members or student leaders.

Programs that aim to benefit the larger residence community, or include a significant contribution to a target community (floor, campus partner, City of Edmonton partner, etc).

Significant contribution is defined as programs that achieve at least one of the following:

  • Provide support or resources to a residence, campus or community partner
  • Help to promote the goals, values and objectives of a residence, campus or community partner to an extended audience
  • Engage an extended audience to interact with a residence, campus or community partner in a new way
  • Promote and encourage the personal growth of individual participants through leadership, academic or professional development

What kinds of program costs are supported through the fund?

  • Contracted services
  • Venue bookings
  • Material supplies costs
  • Catering costs

How it works

Complete the application form and submit to the Community Life Intern ( at least one month prior to your event. Alternatively, the application can be filled out as a Google form.

We recommend being as descriptive as possible in your application and using specific examples of how this program will be positive and impactful for our residence communities.

Your application will be reviewed by the Community Life team.

Only those awarded a scholarship amount will be contacted.

All applications close February 28.

Scholarship selection criteria

  • Purpose and value of the activity and explanation of benefit to the residence community
  • Applicant’s role in the activity (i.e. participant, coordinator)
  • Quality of the application (i.e. level of detail, persuasive justification and logical explanations)
  • Fiscal responsibility (i.e. effort to minimize overall costs)

Once you have been awarded a scholarship, you will be responsible for attending two meetings with members of the Community Life team - before and after your event.

Please note: Applications will re-open in September 2022 and there is a limited amount of funding available per year through the scholarship fund. The scholarship will be closed once all funding has been distributed for the year.