Academic Life in Lister

Academic in Residence (AiR)

Our AiR - a university Ph.D student who lives in residence - is committed to improving the academic skills of University of Alberta residents. Whether it's receiving guidance for an academic problem or a casual dinner in the cafeteria, you can learn to be more comfortable with the university system. At the same time, it enables faculty to get a good feel for the many pressures and demands that students experience.

Raiany Dias de Andrade Silva lives in Lister Centre; you may find Raiany speaking at your floor meeting or sitting next to you in the cafeteria. You can also set up a meeting with the Academic in Residence to discuss your academics. Whether you're looking for advice about applying for professional programs or tips for successful studying, Raiany will do her best to help. Working out of the Academic Resource Centre in Lister Centre, she can also connect you to other excellent on-campus resources. Feel free to drop in during her office hours!

Additionally, Raiany oversees the Lister Peer Tutor program. The Peer Tutors are upper-year students who excelled in certain classes in their first year who can share tips and tools with you regarding those classes. Be on the lookout for their weekly tutoring times.

To make an appointment, email the Academic in Residence at
Raiany also has office hours each week. These are posted at the Academic Resource Centre.

Irish Scholar in Residence

Barra Ó Scannláin is our 2019-2020 Irish Scholar in Residence. Barra lives in Lister Centre and teaches in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies. You can set up a meeting with Barra to discuss your academics, study tips, or the transition to university. Barra’s office hours are posted at the Academic Resource Centre each semester.

Peer Tutor Program

The Peer Tutor program is a great resource for residents. All tutors are students just like you who have already mastered the content of their courses. They're familiar with the challenges you're facing and are happy to share tips & tools with you, giving you an advantage in your studies!

Weekly peer tutoring sessions each week are posted throughout Lister Centre and at the Academic Resource Centre.

Residence Orientation

During the first six weeks after residents move in, many specialized programming opportunities are offered. These programs allow students to learn about the university experience and develop the skills that they will need to be successful.

We Focus On: What this Means for You:
Community: Promoting an engaged and supportive living environment You meet residents with similar interests - and residents who will make sure that you're awake in time for your midterms!
Academics: Encourage and strengthen academic skills and goals Helps you avoid midterm panic by teaching you the academic skills that you need BEFORE it's crunch time.
Safety and Wellness: Foster respectful, healthy and safe behaviours Contributes to clean and comfortable common spaces where you and your friends can cook, study and hang out.
Personal Development: Cultivate social communication and leadership skills You learn the personal skills you'll need to excel as a student...and develop a great resume for after graduation.