Volunteer in Residence


Engage Edmonton

Engage Edmonton provides students with opportunities for involvement in the greater Edmonton community. Our goal is to introduce students living in residence to community service in Edmonton and provide our community partners with meaningful assistance.

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Community Service

The University of Alberta offers a Community Service Learning program that has some amazing opportunities for residents, on campus and in our local and global communities. You might even be able to get credit for your work!

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10 Great Reasons to Volunteer

  1. It’s good for you! Research shows that those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability as they get older and report good health more often. What’s more, the more you volunteer, the better the stats become.
  2. Get happy. Those who volunteer are less likely to be depressed. So, go for it—put on a happy face.
  3. Learn something new. Volunteering is a great way learn a new skill.
  4. Belong. No man or woman is an island. There is no better way to meet good people and connect with your community.
  5. It feels good. Yup—it’s true. It just plain feels good to give back to your community—it’s as good as eating ice cream. Why not do both?
  6. Be up on yourself. Volunteers consistently report a high feeling of self-worth, achievement and higher motivation.
  7. Move up the ladder. In a recent study more than 90% of employers feel that volunteering enhances job skills, and over 70% said they would hire someone with volunteer experience over someone without.
  8. Get out of a rut. Need a change of career? Volunteering is a great way to explore and get experience in a new field.
  9. Spend time with family AND friends. Volunteering with Family and friends is a great way to spend time together. Pick a shared cause or passion and give back to yourselves and the community at the same time!
  10. Enrich your life. Volunteering adds meaning in many ways, through learning new skills, making new friendships, and by making our community a better place to live. Show yourself and people around you that you care—perhaps you can inspire them too!
  11. World Peace. Okay—this is number eleven, and no one person can bring world peace, but can you imagine it ever happening without the efforts of volunteers?

Credit for this list goes to the Strathcona County Volunteer Centre