Residence Community Expectations

What are the rules in residence?

Policies and Documents Outlining Resident Behaviour

This applies to all students living in residence.

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Residence Agreement

Your Residence Agreement is the contract between you as a tenant and the university as your landlord. You received a copy by email when you signed it, but generic versions are available online.

Outcomes to violations under this process include eviction from residence.

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Residence Community Standards Policy

The Residence Community Standards Policy outlines resident rights and responsibilities and the process for using Restorative Justice to address violations.

Outcomes under this voluntary process are decided with agreement of all parties.

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House Rules

Specific rules are developed for each residence community to guide day to day living.

Outcomes of violations are decided through the Residence Community Standards Policy or Residence Agreement.

Policies Outlining Student Behaviour

This applies to all students living in residence.

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Code of Student Behaviour

The Code of Student Behaviour code applies to all students. Outcomes following violations can include fines, suspension or expulsion from the university.

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Sexual Violence Policy

The Sexual Violence Policy addresses sexual violence and sexual harassment. Outcomes depend on the survivor's choice whether to report and under which process.

How do these processes work together?

When you sign your Residence Agreement, you agree to follow the Residence Community Standards Policy and House Rules along with other conditions of living in residence.

The Residence Community Standards Policy outlines your rights and responsibilities as a resident as well as the processes for addressing behaviour that violates these rights and responsibilities. Incidents in residence can be addressed through Restorative Justice under the Residence Community Standards Policy, as a breach of the Residence Agreement or through the Code of Student Behaviour.

How do I report disruptive or concerning behaviour?

If there is a health or safety emergency, first call 911.

Residence Services strives to act quickly on behaviour that is impacting you or your community. If you notice disruptive or concerning behaviour in progress, contact Residence Services.

Other places on campus also collect disclosures and reports of concerning behaviour.