Dorm Move Out and Cleaning Guide

Please complete the following before vacating your room and turning in your keys:


  • Ensure all furniture is moved back into its original position (charges apply for missing and re-arranged furniture)
  • Vacuum floor
  • Check all drawers and closets for personal items
  • Defrost mini-fridge, make sure it's clean and dry, and leave it unplugged (International House only)
With a wet cloth, please wipe clean:
  • Walls - remove all posters, stickers, tape, tacks etc.
  • Door - inside and out
  • Closet shelves, drawers & mirror
  • Windows & ledges
  • Heating vents
  • All furniture, including bed, desk, chair, etc.
Be sure to leave the following items in your room, if applicable:
  • mattress, mattress frame and mattress cover
  • garbage can
  • desk, lamp and bookcase
  • chair
  • curtains and rod or blinds
  • all original washroom accessories (Schäffer, Résidence Saint-Jean and International House only)
  • mini-fridge (International House only)
  • power bar (Résidence Saint-Jean only)
  • clothes drying rack (Résidence Saint-Jean only)
  • recycling box (Résidence Saint-Jean only)
  • Floor mat (Lister & Résidence Saint-Jean only)


  • Ensure you have contributed to your floor cleaning (see your RA for details)
  • Remove all personal items from common areas - Remove food from the fridge, freezer, cupboards & drawers, clean these areas. Do not leave any items for new residents to “possibly use” - you will be charged if cleaners have to remove these items.
  • Remove all personal items from the storage room


Schäffer, International House, Résidence Saint-Jean, Peter Lougheed Hall, Ravine Complex and Theme House
  • Sweep & wash floor
  • Wipe mirror
  • Clean toilet; inside & out
Remove soap scum/hair/standing water/dirt from:
  • Vanity counter & cupboards
  • Walls and vent
  • Shower


  • Remove ALL personal furniture and items from your unit
  • Close your windows and turn off all the lights
  • Lock your door when you leave your unit
  • Remove and dispose of all garbage, recycling and unwanted items properly. Frozen and refrigerated foods must not be left in the kitchen to spoil. They must be disposed of as soon as possible in the bins located on the main level outside each residence. Charges will be assessed to you and/or your floor for improper disposal.
  • Hand in your room, unit and mail keys to your Residence Services Office by noon on your move-out day. Failure to do so will result in an improper check out fee of $85.00 and possible lock change charges.
  • Once your keys are returned to Residence Services upon move out you are not permitted to return to your room/unit.