Student Newsletter (SciLife) Submissions

SciLife is a weekly newsletter sent to undergraduate students from September to April to promote social and academic happenings relevant to student life in the Faculty of Science. SciLife will publish each Monday morning. Expectations will be holidays, and will publish on the Tuesday.

In order to ensure that the newsletter is valuable and timely, the following guidelines have been compiled for those interested in contributing content.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions are accepted from late August (for distribution in early September) to the start of April.
  • Please keep submissions to a maximum of 100 words and provide a link to any additional information. We reserve the right to edit content for length.
  • Send your submission to with the subject "Newsletter Submission."
  • We are unable to include attachments (excluding images) as part of the newsletter.
  • Submissions must be received via email by 12:00pm on the Wednesday prior to publication.
  • If space permits and the content is still relevant, your submission may run in multiple issues.

Text Format Guidelines

  • Headline - This text will appear at the top of your submission and in the newsletter index.
  • Main Text - The main body of your submission will appear on its own page and should include all details (i.e., Who, What, Where, When, Why, How). Related Links and contact information are strongly encouraged. Have content in third person. No "I" statements.


  • Including an image can make your submission more engaging.
  • Please submit images in a separate .jpg file named with the same title as your submission.
  • Images should not more than 500 pixels wide. Image Height can vary. Online tools like PicMonkey can be used to crop photos.
  • An image is not essential, however we may choose to include an image if you have not done so.
  • Images that are of poor quality will not be used.
  • We are unable to use images that for which permission has not been obtained (copyright images, images of individuals who have not signed a photo release form).

Disclaimer: To optimize the management of newsletter content, the Faculty of Science reserves the right to exclude submissions determined to fall outside of the SciLife mandate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit articles?

  • Faculty of Science Departments
  • Registered science student groups (as defined by COSSA membership)
  • University of Alberta student groups registered on Bear's Den
  • Other University of Alberta administrative units

What content is appropriate?

  • Event announcements (club meetings, service projects, fundraisers, social events) open to the entire student body
  • Promotion of student services
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Guest speakers
  • Research opportunities

What content is not permitted?

  • Lectures, seminars or symposia that are by invitation only
  • Surveys and studies
  • Course information
  • Appearances by faculty, staff, or students at other institutions outside the University of Alberta
  • Administrative or other meetings among a group of faculty, staff, or students that are closed to others
  • Announcements that include images for which permission has not been obtained (copyright images, images of individuals who have not signed a photo release form)