Science FUNday

Check out Science FUNday! It's an annual science exhibition featuring more than 75 interactive demonstrations, presentations, and tours.


Science FUNday is back! We’re keeping the fun of science alive by bringing FUNday to you—wherever you are!

For the week of March 14-19, 2022, we’ll be sharing an exciting lineup of virtual tours featuring world-class labs and museums at the University of Alberta, new pre-recorded science demonstrations, live streamed presentations, demos, tours, and more. Get your fill of Science FUNweek, all from the comfort of your home.

Science FUNday is an annual science exhibition typically featuring more than 100 interactive science demonstrations, presentations, and tours. They range from chemistry, physics, physiology, botany, computing science, math, and more. Virtual Science FUNweek boasts a variety of engaging demonstrations including DNA extractions from strawberries, flying tea bags, giant dry ice bubbles, colour-changing lollipops, and a Rube Goldberg machine!

This event is open to all ages, but is best suited for children ages 4 to 12. Science FUNweek is also open to University of Alberta alumni and the general public.


March 14-19, 2022


Virtual event


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