Budding biologists build foundational skills—wherever they are

Hear from laboratory coordinator Christianne Nylund on studying introductory biology in Fall 2020.

Katie Willis - 5 August 2020

Biology is coming to a home laboratory near you, explained scientist and educator Christianne Nylund

As laboratory coordinator in the Department of Biological Sciences, Nylund has been hard at work over the summer to develop new lab activities for students in Introduction to Biological Diversity (BIO 108) in Fall 2020. 

“I'm diversifying our lab activities this fall to include things like modelling concepts of evolution using Skittles, interactive modules for ecological concepts, group discussions over Zoom, and possibly lab kits so that students can perform their own at-home experiments,” said Nylund. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has required a mass migration to the digital world, and post-secondary learning is no exception. As the University of Alberta prepares to continue delivering course content primarily remotely in the Fall 2020, the Faculty of Science has connected with some of our top instructors and scientists to illustrate what the university experience will look like in the Fall 2020 term. While delivery may look different, what remains the same is our strong commitment to an engaging and quality education and experience for our students.

“Over the last few months I've noticed people come closer together despite being so far apart,” added Nylund. “I'm looking forward to seeing how our new format changes the level of student engagement with each other, their teaching assistants, and myself. I want our students to know that we are always thinking about their experience in the lab. We are rising to the challenge and getting creative with remote course delivery. I think students will get a lot out of our new format.”

Hear more about Nylund’s approach to teaching in Fall 2020. 

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