Message from the Chair - Biological Sciences

Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences David Coltman shares a message with alumni.

David Coltman - 21 September 2020

To the Department of Biological Sciences alumni family, 

Welcome to Alumni Week(end) 2020: Campus to Couch Edition. While we are meeting virtually this year, I am pleased to showcase some of the many remarkable things that our department has to offer.

Over the next week, I encourage you to dig into the Dino Lab, a volunteer-staffed program that prepares and catalogues fossil specimens in the UAlberta collection. Visit the Dino Lab through a virtual tour. 

Learn more about paleontological research from Corwin Sullivan in his Science Connects Webinar on Cretaceous Dinosaurs in Northern Alberta.

Next, you can visit the Rowan Lab in the Museum of Zoology to explore the many vertebrate specimens housed in this collection through a virtual tour. 

Thank you, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon. 


David Coltman

Professor and Chair, Department of Biological Sciences