Admission to Science


Fall term (September)

Winter term (January)

Spring term (May)





Applications for Fall term will be open from October 1 - March 1 at

**Application deadlines will not be extended. Apply early for your best chance at admission.


The minimum average to apply to the Faculty of Science varies by degree type:

  • BSc Major program = 70%
  • BSc Honors program = 80%
  • BSc/BEd program = 70%

Meeting the minimum application average does not guarantee admission; all applicants must meet the competitive average for the program they are applying to. Historical competitive average can be found at

Competitive averages fluctuates every year and are dependent on the applicant pool, therefore we cannot provide an exact %, only a range.


The programs and requirements search tool on the admissions website will help you find the requirements for your science degree. This tool will also allow you to view provincial course equivalents.

Program Search Tool International Requirements


Each area of study (except Computing Science) requires specific prerequisite high school courses in order to be successful in the program and to register in higher level university courses. These are listed under each degree type on our Areas of Study page and at the link below.

Science Prerequisites


Please view the tabs below to determine which admission category you fall into. More detailed information can be found in the U of A Calendar.

English is the primary language of instruction for all Faculty of Science programs. All applicants must meet English Language Proficiency requirements.

High School

I am currently attending or have already completed high school.


I have 6 units or less of transferable post secondary work (2 courses).

Your admission average will be calculated using the 5 grade 12 courses required for admission.

Click on the Admission FAQ button at the top of this page for more detailed information about the application and assessment process.


I have completed more than 6 units of transferable post secondary work (2 courses) through another institution or another U of A program.

Your admission average will be based on your GPA from your most recent 24 units of post secondary course work.

If you have less than 24 units (8 courses) we must also factor in your high school marks. Minimum GPA requirements for each program can be found in the U of A Calendar.

How do I know if my courses will be counted as transferable or not?

Due to the volume of inquiries and vast number of courses offered at other post secondary institutions, we are unable to pre-assess transfer units prior to being accepted to the Faculty of Science. Please visit our Transfer Credit page for more information.

Do I still need to meet the high school course requirements?

Yes! These can also be met if you have taken an equivalent post secondary course in the same subject.

Will I be assessed as a transfer applicant if I took a diploma program at a technical college, such as NAIT?

No, you will most likely be assessed as a high school applicant. The majority of technical college courses are not transferable because there is no equivalent here at the U of A.

I was required to withdraw (RTW) from another program due to poor academic standing. Am I still eligible to apply to the Faculty of Science?

Whether your RTW was from the Faculty of Science, another U of A program or another post secondary institution, eligibility criteria is listed in the U of A Calendar.


I'm over the age of 21 so I'm automatically considered a mature applicant and don't need all 5 high school courses, right?

No, this is a very common misconception. The Faculty of Science requires all applicants to present the 5 high school courses outlined on the Program Search Tool as well as any courses listed on the Science Prerequisites page.

After Degree

I have already completed a university degree and wish to pursue a second degree in a different subject area.

What are the admission requirements?

After Degree applicants are assessed the same as a Transfer applicant.

Letter of Intent

You must submit what is called a "Letter of Intent" with your application which plays a vital role in the admission decision. Here are some things to consider:

  • 1-2 pages in length
  • Addressed to the Associate Dean Undergraduate
  • Include your name and student ID#
  • How has your previous education and/or life experience brought you to where you are now? How does the After Degree program relate?
  • How will the After Degree contribute to your future endeavors?
  • Are there certain courses you look forward to taking in the program?

When will I receive an admission decision?

The Faculty of Science does not have much space for After Degree students due to high enrollment of first degree seeking students. We also consider After Degree applicants after all other admissions have been completed. Therefore, we normally will not be able to provide an admission decision until July/August of the year in which you hope to begin studies.

Admission to an After Degree program is extremely competitive, therefore we encourage applicants to look at similar programs from other institutions as a backup plan. 


I am enrolled full time at another post secondary institution and want to take some classes with the Faculty of Science that will count towards my degree.


My current post secondary institution does not have a formal exchange program with the University of Alberta.

What are the admission requirements?

Students from other postsecondary institutions are eligible to be considered for admission to the Faculty of Science as visiting students if:

  1. You are a degree program student at your home institution;
  2. Your home institution provides a letter of permission (uploaded to your application);
  3. Your have completed a minimum of 24 units of course weight at the home institution;
  4. Your academic record shows satisfactory standing.

As all admissions to the Faculty of Science are subject to enrollment management, visiting student admissions may be restricted. Priority for visiting student status is given to students who are applying under a formal exchange program.

How long can I be a visiting student?

Visiting student status is granted for one academic year. Visiting students must reapply each year and present a new letter of permission from their home institution.


I have already completed a Bachelor of Science degree and would like to take some extra courses offered by the Faculty of Science for professional development or to boost my GPA for admission to a professional program.

What are the admission requirements?

  1. You have received a university degree in science from an accredited postsecondary institution;
  2. You present a competitive GPA on your most recent 24 units of course work;
  3. You are not taking courses for credit towards a degree program;
  4. Must provide a written Letter of Intent to the Faculty of Science Student Services Office by the application deadline.
Priority in admission is given to applicants to degree programs and to applicants who have not previously attended as special students. There may be a limit on the number of special students admitted each year because the Faculty of Science is under enrolment management. Special students may not have access to all courses offered by Science departments.