Transfer Credit

Transfer credit assessments are completed after your application for admission has been evaluated, and only in the case where an admission offer has been granted. We are unable to assess courses in advance or via email.

The following tools are available for you to check your courses in advance. Feel free to use them as you plan your timetable and course selection.

Transfer Credit Assessment Tools

  • Transfer Alberta provides transfer credit information based on agreements in place between Alberta post-secondary institutions.
  • Our Science External Transfer Credit Database contains courses from other institutions in Canada and around the world, that have previously been evaluated. If your course is not listed, it means we have not evaluated it.
  • If you plan to transfer from the Augustana Faculty please speak with an Augustana advisor first.  As of September 2021, some course equivalencies have changed. As a result your courses may no longer align with those in the Faculty of Science. See our Augustana transfer credit table for details.

Transfer credit earned from International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement and GCE programs will automatically be applied. Applicants will have the option to decline this credit if they so choose.

Transfer Credit Notes

  1. Students may be awarded a maximum of 60 transfer credits (*60) including no more than *42 in junior level courses.
  2. Credit must also fit within the program to which you are being admitted otherwise it will not be granted.
  3. Students who have received transfer credit must pay particular attention to any course notes and restrictions listed on their transfer credit report. These notes commonly state "may not also receive credit in course X at the U of A". This means you are not permitted to take the course that has been listed in the comment.

For further assistance visit our Academic Planning web pages .