Bachelor of Science

InSciTE- Interdisciplinary Science Threshold Experience

Discovery-based learning, inside and outside the classroom.

InSciTE is an initiative that will allow you to enjoy a classical first year university experience, complemented with new integrated learning opportunities. It includes a first-year timetable offering a blend of courses taught with either traditional or integrated teaching methods.

InSciTE is your chance to explore the scientific disciplines and scientific process in greater depth, and develop strong data analysis skills early in your degree program.

Why consider InSciTE?

InSciTE offers a truly unique interdisciplinary experience by taking the lessons learned in regular classes and applying them in new ways giving you a deeper understanding of the material and showing the connections that exist between disciplines.  

InSciTE is for the student who is open to learning about many areas of science, and learning through a blend of teaching methods. It is a great way to experience the best of both worlds!

Discovery Based Labs


InSciTE students testing water hardness, pH, and temperature at 3 locations along the Athabasca River. The results were considered in a later lab activity that asked students to conducted a hardness test on water taken from various locations in Edmonton.


InSciTE students conducting splatter pattern analysis during a Forensic Science lab.

Students in our program benefit from an integrated teaching model that allows them to engage in themed class projects, collaborate effectively with others, and participate in discovery based labs and projects. 

Through our SCI 151 course students will engage in a series of interdisciplinary projects with themes that translate to issues that are important on the global stage. You will also explore fundamental and cutting edge topics from all of the major science disciplines including Earth and Atmospheric Science, Psychology, and Computing Science in addition to Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Biology.