Give to The Shack

How can you contribute to The Shack?

The best way to contribute to The Shack is to make a financial donation to help out with the costs of materials, equipment, maintenance, and more, but we can also always use pre-owned materials and instruments that are still in good working condition.

Check out The Shack Wish List on this page to see what kind of items we're looking for. If you happen to have any of the requested items or something similar, we will happily take them.

You can also contribute with a donation of your time by volunteering for one of our many projects and jobs available at The Shack.

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Support Experiential Learning and Student Ideas

The Shack is one of the few spaces on campus that encourages students to strike out on their own and create new ideas and projects using the skills and knowledge they acquire in their curricular studies.

By leaving a monetary gift, we can ensure The Shack is fully stocked with materials, equipment, and more to keep experiential learning and innovation alive and well on campus.

Give to The Shack

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Volunteer Opportunities

Donate your time by volunteering to help out on one of the many projects here at The Shack. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page for more details.

The Shack Wish List

The following wish list comprises items that we could really use to bulk up our inventory at The Shack, but we're also open to any other gently used items you might be looking to off-load.

If you're unsure about donating an item because it's not on this list, feel free to send us an email at and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.


General Supplies


Vernier calipers Wall clock Sealant spray
Angle ruler Calculator Goo Gone
Filament recycler Unused dust masks Packing tape
SD card reader Tall wheeled laptop desk
Instrumentation rack