Ukrainian scholar Dr. Taras Lupul receives SAR Ukraine Fellowship award to continue research at the University of Alberta

Mita de la Fuente - 31 March 2023

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is pleased to learn that the Department of History, Classics and Religion, with support from the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies and the Disrupted Ukrainian Scholars & Students (DUSS) Initiative, has been awarded funding through The Scholars at Risk (SAR) Ukraine Fellowship to provide ongoing support for the residency and research of Dr. Taras Lupul.

The SAR Ukraine Fellowship supports displaced Ukrainian scholars who are currently hosted by North American member institutions, such as the University of Alberta. Funding from this award aids scholars in continuing their research and enables collaborations between displaced scholars and their institutions in Ukraine as well as the international research community.

“The care and protection offered through Disrupted Ukrainian Scholars & Students (DUSS) UAlberta and SAR saved my family from the war,” says Lupul. “Here at the College of Social Science and Humanities of the University of Alberta I have been enabled to do some of the best research work of my life.”

Lupul’s research focuses on immigration studies, social policy and state management of the migration process. One example includes his research on “Bukovynian immigration settlement in East-Central Alberta.” He also served as a curatorial assistant at the Kule Folklore Centre on the project “The Confiscated Letters under the Soviet Regime.”

"The Department of History, Classics, and Religion is excited to welcome displaced Ukrainian scholar Dr. Taras Lupul to our department,” says Faculty of Arts chair, Ryan Dunch. “Dr. Lupul's research on recent waves of Ukrainian migration to Canada as a result of Russia's war of aggression will make a valuable contribution to the scholarship on Ukrainian history and Canada-Ukraine relations.”