Ukrainian scholar Dr. Lada ​​Tsymbala receives SAR Ukraine Fellowship award to continue research at the University of Alberta

Mita de la Fuente - 13 April 2023

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is excited to learn that the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, with support from the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) and the Disrupted Ukrainian Scholars & Students (DUSS) Initiative, has been awarded funding through The Scholars at Risk (SAR) Ukraine Fellowship to provide support for the residency and research of Dr. Lada Tsymbala.

“I am grateful for this funding as it will enable me to continue my research safely,” says Tsymbala. 

Tsymbala’s research focuses on the adaptation and evolution of Ukrainian embroidery and folk dress into contemporary North American clothing. During her residency, Tsymbala will engage with several research and community networks such as the Kule Folklore Centre, CIUS and more. 

The SAR Ukraine Fellowship assists Ukrainian scholars who have been displaced and are currently being hosted by North American member institutions, including the University of Alberta. This grant assists scholars in pursuing their research and facilitates partnerships between displaced scholars and their home institutions in Ukraine, as well as with the global research community.

“The Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies would like to congratulate Dr. Lada Tsymbala, recipient of the Scholars at Risk (SAR) Ukraine Fellowship,” says Faculty of Arts Chair, Victoria Ruetalo. “We are excited about her contribution to our department and community and look forward to Dr. Tsymbala's research results.”