Pamela Aseltine

Business Manager, Off-site

Ph: 780.439.7311

Lianne Bouwmeester

Administrative Assistant and Receptionist

Ph: 780.439.7311 ext 34

Lauren Calleja

Development Officer

Ph: 780.439.7311 ext 21

Tammy Chizen

Department Administrator, Department of Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Ph: 780.439.7311 ext 23

Salimah Mohamed

AC-SPE Provincial Program Administrator and SSC Student Placement Coordinator

Ph. 780.439.7311 (email messages)

Rev. Dr. Kehinde Olabimtan

Community Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Wellness

Ph. 780.439.7311 ext 24

Kelly Parson

Assistant Registrar

Ph: 780.439.7311 ext 30

Shelley Westermann


Ph: 780.439.7311 (email messages)