Pre-Clinical: Year 1 & 2

Program Description

A two-year program incorporating problem-based learning, small-group teaching, laboratory-classes and lectures.

Students are also exposed to clinical practice during short 12 hour electives and during a clinical skills program which is designed to introduce them to the principles of communication, history-taking and physical examination.

Educational Goals

The program in Years 1 and 2 is intended to provide students with a basic understanding of the body in health and disease, and to equip them with the skills with which they can start to interact with patients. Basic information is also provided on the role of surgery in the treatment of disease.

Learning Objectives

At the end of Years 1 & 2, students will be able to:

  • Describe the structure and function of the major organ systems of the body in health and disease
  • Communicate effectively with patients to obtain information useful in addressing their symptoms
  • Proficiently examine the major organ systems of the body and distinguish between normal and common abnormal findings.
  • Understand the indications for and interpretation of common diagnostic tests including laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging and pathology.
  • Outline the general indications for surgery compared to other treatment modalities and list the common diseases for which surgical treatment is most often required.
  • Explain the roles of screening, health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Describe the pathophysiological changes associated with malignant disease and outline the general treatment options for patients diagnosed with cancer.
  • Use a variety of techniques to manage their own learning.
  • Use a variety of techniques to reflect upon their experiences.