Olga Cielemecka

Olga Cielemęcka

Olga Cielemęcka, PhD Candidate at the Institute of Philosophy, Warsaw University, Poland
Olga Cielemecka
I am a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Philosophy, Warsaw University, Poland. I studied philosophy, Spanish philology, and gender studies. My main fields of scientific interest are: contemporary continental philosophy, posthumanism, and feminist critique. I am currently working on my PhD dissertation entitled "Between Human and Non-human. Giorgio Agamben's Ethics and Its Anthropological Foundations." The primary objective of my research is to examine a philosophical proposition of a "new, non-human ethics" which emerges after the so-called "antihumanist turn" in philosophy. In this antihumanist vein the human subject is reallocated into the field of the "non-human"; its close proximity to the animal, machine, matter, the microorganic, etc., is thus recognized and conceptualized. My aim is to investigate how this anti-anthropocentric twist challenges the humanist tradition, at the same time allowing new normative-and possibly also political-projects to be articulated.


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