Based on almost 40 years of experience and aligning with research findings, WISEST sets students up for success in STEM by focusing on three engagement pathways: 1) educating students on education and career options that will allow them to have an impact on society, 2) engaging them through interactive and immersive experiences that transform an interest in STEM into future education/career goals and 3) equipping them with role models, mentors and an inclusive community to support them.  

We create lasting impact by engaging individuals at critical points on their educational journey to give them the support they need to succeed and actively promote students’ self-belief that there is a place for them in STEM. The barriers, hurdles and challenges change as students grow to adulthood and so we have programs tailored to different age groups and stages of education and career. 

Our core programming focuses on female and gender-diverse students in grades 6-12. By taking an evidence-based approach we are able to continue to innovate and respond to the changing needs of students while maintaining a supportive community.  Find out more about our CHOICES Conference geared to grade 6 students, our SET Conference geared towards high school students and our Summer Research Program for those students completing grades 11.