UA-WiSE and WiSER Mentorship Program

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In 2016, UA-WiSE and WiSER, with the support of WISEST, established the Mentorship Program with the financial support of Shell. This program runs from October to March annually and aims to connect women and underrepresented individuals in STEM fields with mentors who can help foster professional development and personal discovery. Undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, young professionals and experienced professionals in STEM, or with an interest in STEM fields, are encouraged to apply. The structure of the mentors-mentees are trios consisting of one undergraduate student, one graduate student or early-career professional, and one experienced professional.

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Program Highlights

Since 2016, over 150 professional mentors, 400 early career professionals/graduate students, and 260 undergraduate students have been engaged through the Mentorship Program.

“Entering the scientific field from the outside (especially as a woman) can be tough… This program provided a mentor who was a bridge into the world of science, who was willing to help me become a part of it. The value of this aspect of the program alone made the program worthwhile, not to mention the personal and professional development gained along the way.”
- 2017-2018 Undergraduate Student

“I have been part of the WISER trio mentoring program for the last 2 years. It’s been a wonderful experience. I have learnt and shared so much with my mentees! All 4 of them are not just mentees but are also good friends. It was a pleasure to see their growth over the years.”
- 2017-2018 Experienced Professional